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The Barcode of Everything – Connect With Consumers

App Development

  • Build your own shopper app / digital plan
  • All-in-one discovery, data on your shoppers
  • Deliver better scanning of traditional barcodes better and QR Codes

Digimarc Barcode for Packaging

  • Invisible identifiers across your private brands
  • Entire private brand package scans
  • Engage with shoppers through private brand packaging
  • Communicate Product transparency

Digimarc Barcode for Print

  • Activate customer circulars with digital content
  • Provides Interactive print ads
  • Deliver store specific coupons/offers

Digimarc Barcode for Audio

  • Promote passive engagement with in-store audio
  • Gain insights on shopper behavior
  • Enhance your TV or digital advertising


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