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Embracing Our Legacy: A Journey
of Customer-Centric Excellence

In the bustling heart of Toronto in 1945, a simple yet profound idea took root. Abraham Granovsky and his son Phil ventured into the paper bag business. They weren’t just in it for commerce; they had a deep belief. They thought that customers deserved better treatment. They saw a gap in the industry – a lack of genuine care for the people they served. With this conviction, Atlantic Packaging was born.

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A Heritage Built on
Customers First

Today, Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd. has achieved significant success. It’s proof that the commitment Abraham and Phil had from the beginning – to always prioritize the customer – really works. Our story isn’t just about surviving; it’s a story of growth, resilience, and most importantly, a dedication to the people we serve.

A Symphony of
Customer Satisfaction

Under the leadership of Chairman Irving Granovsky and his wife Toddy Granovsky, we didn’t just deal with changes; we embraced them. Our focus on service didn’t just turn us into a business; it turned us into a group that excels at making customers happy. We offer more than just packaging; we provide solutions that fit the needs of various customers. During decades of change, one thing has never changed – our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Combining the Best of
Tradition and Innovation

As we mark the remarkable milestone of 78 years, our journey has been characterized by fresh innovations deeply grounded in our traditional values. Our commitment echoes in every product, every interaction: Always Meet Customers’ Expectations. This isn’t a mere slogan; it’s a promise etched into the very fabric of Atlantic Packaging’s existence.

Our Team, Our Family

What’s made us successful is the teamwork and family-like spirit in every member of our team. At Atlantic Packaging, we’re not just coworkers; we’re a family. A family that is committed to each other and committed to our customers’ satisfaction. Together, we are united in the pursuit of our shared purpose.

Where Trust is Sacred

Trust is the most important thing in our interactions. Our relationships, both inside our company and with our customers, are built on a foundation of integrity. When we make a promise, we keep it. Our word is like a contract, and this principle has earned the trust of our valued customers and partners.

Shaping Tomorrow Together

As we look to the future full of possibilities, we carry the legacy of the Granovskys and all of our extended family members with us. Our core values – Giving Customers Exceptional Experiences, Working as One Team, Treating Our People Like Family, Keeping Your Word, Thinking and Acting Like an Owner, and Being Environmentally Responsible – guide us into the future.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To our customers, partners, and team members, we want to say a big thank you. You’re not just involved; you are a crucial part of our journey. Your trust and support have moved us forward for 78 years, and together, we will continue to create a future filled with excellence and a strong commitment to meeting customer expectations.

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Forward with Gratitude

As we welcome new opportunities, we are excited about many more years of growth, innovation, and, most importantly, always meeting our customer’s expectations. Thank you for being an essential part of our remarkable story.

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