innovative corrugated packaging

The Evolution of Design

Designing strong, sturdy packages and bringing innovation into our methodologies is second nature to Atlantic Packaging. We started out with hand-drawing the box designs which were then transferred onto the corrugated boxes. These boxes were hand-cut by a knife to bring out the exact shape. Technology allowed us to design boxes on a computer, print them out onto a mylar sheet and trace it out onto the corrugated box which was then cut. We’ve advanced further where our designers make use of specialized computer systems to design boxes along with an automated cutting table to produce samples. The turnaround time for the week has drastically reduced from 1 week to 1 day or less depending on the complexity of the design.

Our Customers are
Our Lifeline

For Atlantic, customers always come first! Our salesperson works with customers to fully understand their needs. We start off with a basic questionnaire that involves using one of the following three concepts: a new product launch, redesigning an existing product, or an issue with packaging that needs to be addressed. We often conduct brainstorming sessions and customer audits to truly deep dive and understand their requirements. We run various ideas past the customers to help them reach an ideal solution that attempts to solve their problems and improve our ability to deliver!

An Outstanding Example of Innovation that Transformed the Customers Business

We’re constantly striving to innovate and bring new solutions to various customer needs. One case study that deserves a mention is the Molson’s cooler pack where a coating was added to the inside liner on a side of the box. This allowed the customer to store cold drinks inside a corrugated box!

Design and Innovation that’s Meant to Advance Sustainability

We’re always thinking of design solutions that promote sustainability. Apart from producing 100% recyclable boxes, sustainability is engrained in the design process as well. The design team takes into account a variety of cost-saving items that include the standardization of boxes, scrap, folding time, weight, palletization, humidity, temperature, test, and flute to name a few. Our design always supplements and complements the idea of sustainability.

innovative packaging

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