How do I know what test and flute I should be using for my corrugated packaging?

This depends on many different variables, such as the weight of the box, how much weight is going on top of the bottom box, does the product inside offer any support, are there temperature and humidity conditions that need to be considered, how is the product being shipped and stored? Speaking with a design expert is necessary for determining the best test and flute options.

How do I know if I need a custom package design for my products?

A custom packaging design makes sure your products are protected and allows you to maximize packaging efficiency as well as keep supply chain costs to a minimum. When you work with Atlantic, our experts will provide a full assessment of your needs and make a recommendation that will work best for you.

Is Atlantic Packaging AIB® certified?

Yes, we are AIB certified so we can provide our many food and beverage customers with peace of mind that our facilities are approved for food-grade packaging.

Is Atlantic Packaging FDA compliant?

Yes we are FDA compliant.

Does Atlantic Packaging have Food Safety certification?

Yes. (IFS PAC Secure® – GFSI Benchmarked)

Does Atlantic Packaging have CFIA approval?

Yes – Letter of no objection.