Carmel Mclean-Spencer

Carmel Mclean-Spencer

I’ve worked with Atlantic Packaging for 22 years.

Career Highlights

I have been the Transportation Manager for about 15 years

I’ve had good leadership. They’ve given me the autonomy to do my job and make decisions and provided support when necessary.

The teams have been very good to work with and have made my work experience a good one. Our open-door policy is very good as it means we get to collaborate with everyone as we need. I have received several awards for my contribution as a leader which is very encouraging as it comes from the teams I work with

A Woman’s Journey on the Manufacturing Road

As a woman in Transportation and Manufacturing, I’ve had a really great experience. It is both challenging and exciting to be a part of such a dynamic group. I love the challenge.

I would strongly encourage other women not to hesitate if they are thinking of a career in Manufacturing. It has never been a better time for women in the manufacturing industry. Atlantic happens to be an equal opportunity employer. We have women throughout our industry in many different roles.

Maria Theresa Mendoza

I’m Maria Theresa (Tess) Mendoza! I’ve been working with Atlantic for 17 years and counting.

Career Highlights

In March 2004, I began as Quality/ISO Coordinator at the Brampton plant. My facilitation led us to receive the ISO 9001:2000 Certification in 2006. I led the YUM Food Safety Certification in 2008 which became the foundation of the AIB and IFS PAC Secure Food Safety Certification. In 2010, I initiated the Quality Alert program now being used as a quality tool. I was also the proud recipient of the Golden Compass Award during the 2011 Atlantic Packaging Annual Leadership Seminar. Later in 2011, I was promoted to the Quality Manager position.

When I started as Quality Coordinator, I was actually trained in Scheduling/Expediting first to cover for our Expediter who went for vacation. This was the start of my journey at Atlantic. I multi-tasked and trained in not only my field of expertise but also as a well-rounded individual in all aspects of the corrugated world. Apart from my work at the Brampton plant, I also extend my leadership, expertise, and guidance to help the Mississauga plant. I take pride in providing support where it’s needed to the best of my abilities.

Changing the Manufacturing Game

As a woman in the manufacturing industry, there have been many obstacles I’ve overcome throughout my journey. I may be physically smaller, but I ensure that my voice is heard. My biggest asset is the love I have for working with people. Being surrounded mostly by men, I have learned more than to work side-by-side with them, but also to empower myself and women alike. Together we can achieve the company’s common goal— to exceed customer’s expectations in terms of Quality and Service.

Maria Theresa Mendoza
Elena Tassone

Elena Tassone

I began in January 1989 working as a customer service representative and later became assistant to the Customer service Supervisor.

Career Highlights

In 1997 I changed my career path to sales. Approximately 10 years later I returned to the office to work as an Estimator working under the guidance of the Customer Service Manager. A few short years later I joined the management group as Estimating manager where I inherited 2 people & began to create my team. Since then I have been invited to oversee the Estimating group from our retail plant.

Atlantic has always worked towards empowering its employees. Opportunities that were presented to me &/or sought after along with many interactions (big and small, good and bad) with customers, peers, managers & suppliers have provided me with insights and skills that together have enhanced my abilities & my attitude.

Powerful Women in Manufacturing

When I started with Atlantic there weren’t many women on the road nor in management positions which were not unlike many other manufacturing companies at the time.

I don’t feel that being a woman was a roadblock but I was however aware that as a younger woman I needed to work harder to set boundaries & be heard & not just seen. Over the years I became more relaxed about myself & enjoyed the process so much more.

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