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As on-line shopping continues to grow, so does the demand for sustainable e-commerce packaging. Whether companies use 3rd party websites like Amazon, or manage their own e-commerce platform and fulfillment, they’re realizing that e-commerce packaging has a much more rigorous journey requiring more design consideration than traditional supply chain requirements.


Along with a more complex supply chain, e-commerce also has a 30% return rate compared to 8.8% in traditional retail stores. What’s even more concerning to brands and customers is that approximately 20% of all returns are due to customers receiving damaged product.

When you factor in the costs of returns, customers wanting sustainable packaging, right sizing to minimize freight costs, providing a brand experience, what might initially seem like a simple shipping box design can quickly turn into an overwhelming project. That’s why we’re invested in helping our customers navigate the world of complexities and design considerations around e-commerce packaging. Whether you’re selling products through Amazon or another e-commerce platform, the same challenges still exist and we’re here to help.

We design e-commerce packaging that: 

  • Is designed to streamline the e-commerce fulfillment process
  • Meets Amazon’s Packaging Certifications Guidelines
  • Is sustainable and minimizes any environmental impact
  • Helps customers recognize the lowest delivered cost
  • Works with automated e-commerce packaging systems the I-Pack and e-Cube technology by Sealed Air

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