Pre-printed Linerboard Experts

Pre-printed Linerboard Experts

Customers with their own corrugated equipment often need a pre-printed partner to extend their business capabilities. That’s where Color Pak comes in. With technology that includes a wide-web flexo press, Color Pak delivers high-quality, pre-printed liner rolls to customers throughout Ontario and parts of the US. Color Pak prints on industry-standard grades, recycled linerboard, and coated paper rolls.

One of the biggest leaps in corrugated box printing is through the advancement and development of pre-print linerboards. This process allows the production of boxes with white enamel onto which 3-4 color graphics can be printed while the remainder of the box remains brown. Various studies show that about 80% of sales take place at the point of purchase which is why having colored boxes helps catch the customer’s eye over plain brown ones. This is where pre-printed linerboards help with sales advancement for the company.

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