A Member of the APASS Network

As an official member of the APASS network, we have been certified by Amazon to design corrugated packaging that meets Amazon’s Packaging Certifications Guidelines. Our APASS e-commerce packaging design team is trained to make sure our designs are:

Streamlined to the complex e-commerce fulfillment processes
Sustainable and minimize any environmental impact
Help our customers recognize the lowest delivered cost
Optimized to work with automated e-commerce packaging technology like the I-Pack and e-Cube systems by Sealed Air

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What is Amazon APASS

What is Amazon APASS?

APASS stands for Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network. It was developed by Amazon under their Frustration-Free Packaging Program to help reduce packing times, packaging waste, risk of damage, and difficult unboxing experiences. APASS is a network of Amazon-certified businesses that helps vendors and sellers make sure their packaging meets these new guidelines.

Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Program Certification Tiers

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