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Our core purpose is to Always Meet Customers’ Expectations. It is how we deliver value to our customers, and this isn’t new to Atlantic. We distinguish ourselves by anticipating changes in customer expectations, and by consistently meeting them over time. We work together as a team where everyone is aligned to Always Meet Customers’ Expectations.

Core Values

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Exceptional Customer Experiences... always

At Atlantic, we firmly believe that our business is built to serve our customers. Every team and every department works in sync to deliver an unforgettable experience for the customer. We want our customers to associate the word “Atlantic” with “Satisfaction” and “Quality”, which is what we aim to CONSISTENTLY deliver in EVERY interaction. We are passionate about our customer’s success. Exceptional customer service is what drives Atlantic forward allowing our customers to focus on their business outside the box! We expect all employees to think of the customer first.

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Work as One Team

While the company is divided into various departments, at the core of it, we work as one team to drive the business forward. As challenges arise, we expect all team members to step outside their functional silos and work as ONE Atlantic team to solve those challenges. We believe in a passionate and professional exchange of ideas without losing focus on the challenges at hand. We believe that decisions should be focused on what is best for the company, not any particular team or function.

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Our people are our Family

At Atlantic, we genuinely believe that our team members are part of the Atlantic Family and we want to provide employees with the opportunity to have long successful careers at Atlantic. We are deeply proud of the long tenure of several of our employees. In order to ensure employees have an opportunity to have long careers with us, Atlantic works tirelessly to ensure that the workplace is a safe and accepting environment for all team members. A genuine care for the well-being of all employees has been at the heart of the company since its founding.

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Your word is your Bond

Atlantic believes in uncompromising trust with its customers, vendors, and employees. What we promise, we deliver. As a team, we never shy away from the tough conversations, while also doing everything in our power to meet any commitment we made.

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Think and act as an Owner

Every employee is not only empowered to take ownership of their work but is expected to “think and act like an owner”. We encourage employees to identify solutions and move forward. Even if our first attempt doesn’t work, we still embrace an action-oriented bias and value the drive to succeed. And as team members push their area of the business forward, we trust that they will look at the bigger picture and do what is best for the business.

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Environmental Leadership

Sustainability is at the core of our business. We believe we are the environmental leader in our industry and will consistently make decisions to “do the right thing” every day.

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