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Corrugated Recycling Services

As a manufacturer of 100% recycled paper and corrugated packaging products, recycling is second nature to Atlantic. We have been recycling for over 60 years and have built a recycling division that helps our customers recycle their unwanted corrugated material responsibly. By recycling sensibly, we have helped make our business model energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

At Atlantic, we take recycling to heart. It’s at the center of everything we do and we advocate for the environment at every turn. Atlantic’s recycling division provides customers with corrugated recycling services that help them practice being environmentally responsible. In fact, we even pay customers for their used and unwanted corrugated material. We use discarded boxes as material for manufacturing brand new boxes, therefore, minimizing waste, reducing overall costs, and preserving the environment with sensible solutions.

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The Atlantic recycling division makes it easy to get started by providing a free consultation.

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