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Welcome to Atlantic Packaging Products, a company rich in history, with a dynamic culture, driven to provide customers with innovative and sustainable packaging products, while delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction.

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Innovative Packaging Products
A Total Packaging Solution

A Total Packaging Solution

From corrugated packaging, paper bags, retail displays, pre-print, supply and inventory management, paper mills, and recycling, Atlantic is strategically positioned to provide customers with a total packaging solution. We listen, understand, and cater to every business’s unique requirements and offer packaging solutions tailored to their individual requirements. Our solutions are trusted by customers as we help streamline their packaging demands better.

Trusted Partnerships

At Atlantic, we measure our success by the lasting partnerships we have with our customers. We believe in taking the time to understand our customer’s business and their packaging needs, always ensuring we provide the right packaging product.

Sustainability Through Innovation

If you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still. At Atlantic, we take that to heart and are driven to innovate. Not only do we offer customers one of the most sustainable packaging solutions available, but we are also constantly innovating to achieve lighter and more sustainable packaging goals. We are aware of the need for sustainable packaging, and we intend to be at the forefront of innovation. We’re constantly thinking and implementing ideas that further drive home the idea of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Having Atlantic Packaging as a partner will surely help your business become more eco-conscious as well.

Atlantic Reduce Carbon Footprints

Reduce Carbon Footprints

100% RECYCLABLE Packaging

The Four Pillars That Drive Atlantic

Sustainability is our way of business

Our business is fueled by Sustainability. Every business tactic and decision made keeps in mind the environmental impact and how we can preserve it. From offering sustainable solutions to customers to fleet management and reduced time on the road, we ensure every action has a beneficial impact on safeguarding the environment. We are fully conscious of all our decisions and ensure to lead on the Sustainability Index. Every new innovative initiative is implemented only if it meets our sustainability benchmark.

Delivering a better customer experience

We value our customers above all else and ensure to safeguard their interests through a well-trained sales team that aims to deliver a customer experience of the highest quality. Our customer experience is unsurpassed as we have a very efficient, highly trained sales and customer service force that is dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction with integrity. We are easy to do business with as our team patiently hears out your concerns and provides tailored solutions for your business. We also offer a very quick response time from ideation to delivery so your business can land fairly quickly in the market. This goes a long way in making our partners and customers happy to be part of the Atlantic Family.

Diverse culture

Atlantic loves its employees and we know it’s the employees that make our company what it is. We incorporate a diverse workforce be it in management, in the warehouses, or in our fleets. More women are finding a name in manufacturing and Atlantic is standing proud behind them. We have an employee network of more than 2500 across North America soaked in gender and cultural diversity. Our policy thrives on diversity and inclusion.

Community above all

We understand our social responsibility and the power of giving back. Atlantic Packaging is a dedicated member of the community where we come together to raise monetary funds for causes we truly believe in. We do our part to make the world a better place as our employees actively participate in activities conducted by our partner organizations. Our reputable community programs include Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, United Way of Metropolitan Toronto, North York General Hospital to name a few. Join hands with Atlantic that is highly responsible, dependable, and believes in the right actions to ensure we give back to society and the environment.

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