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Delivering Packaging Performance through Design

For Atlantic, design and testing are at the heart of every corrugated product produced for our customers. Providing a quality product that is innovative and performance based, is one of our keys to success. With a team of experienced structural designers, Atlantic provides fresh innovative designs, and more importantly, packaging solutions that are cost efficient and perform.

The Atlantic design team also specializes in packaging audits, working with customers to evaluate their current packaging designs for cost and production inefficiencies. Structural packaging design is truly an art, and at Atlantic, we only hire the most talented designers.

222_5State of the Art Testing Delivers Customer Piece of Mind

Atlantic has two state of the art testing facilities that, not only run the gambit of standard corrugated tests per ISTA and Tappi standards, but also simulate real world conditions, including temperature and humidity, ensuring the products we design and produce will perform. Both Atlantic testing facilities are ISO 9001 certified. Click here to see our full line of testing capabilities.

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