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What we do

At Atlantic Packaging, our team of experts design corrugated packaging solutions to perform in real world environments. The materials and structure that make up each corrugated package are
designed to withstand a variety of stress tests simulating real world conditions, and to ultimately deliver the quality and durability our customers have come to expect.

Our in-house corrugated testing lab and technicians are ISTA certified, and all tests are conducted in accordance to ISTA and TAPPI standards and procedures. All of our tests are designed to troubleshoot and/or validate corrugated designs through various testing procedures including material, pre-shipment and dangerous goods testing.

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Types of Testing:

Material Testing:

Material tests are designed to confirm that the corrugated mterial components (liners and medium), are within specifications. All tests are performed under controlled conditions (50% ± 2% RH and 73 ± 2°F) in accordance with TAPPI (T-402). Material tests help to ensure the right material is being used for each specific application.

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Pre-Shipment Testing:

Pre-shipment tests are performed with packaged product and are focused on safeguarding the product through common transportation environments and possible hazards. Being ISTA 1A and 1B certified allows us to perform all the tests necessary to best protect against product damage. These tests can influence the gauge and strength of materials used, ensuring maximum protection with optimal cost efficiencies.

List of tests we are equipped to perform:

  • Free Drop Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Incline Test

Dangerous Goods Testing:

Transporting dangerous goods requires testing designed to ensure the product is as safe as possible during transportation. Our lab is equipped to perform all of the required testing necessary for dangerous goods including: Drop test (ambient & cold), Compression test, and 30-min Cobb test. A comprehensive report is provided after testing is complete.

Click here to download our Testing Lab Brochure.

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