Irving Granovsky

Chairman | 1945

Irving Granovsky

The growth pattern of Atlantic has established it into a pioneering packaging solution provider. Atlantic has created jobs across North America and has made positive contributions to the community as well.

Atlantic has a very dynamic and diverse culture and the best part of it is that “I own it” 

I want every employee to have fun, laugh, and work here as their own organization. I want my people to continue to respect and empathize and keep up the hunger for learning.

Vice Chairman | 2011

Dave Boles

I was given the opportunity to run a business very early in my career and the lessons from a smaller enterprise are absolutely applicable to a larger platform.

We are a perfect size, large enough to have the resources to lead our chosen sectors but small enough to be nimble and make mid-course corrections.

Atlantic Packaging is a company in transition. We remain an entrepreneurial, team-oriented enterprise with a strong action bias that is reflective of Irving Granovsky’s vision that honours our cultural foundation. Our challenge now has been to support rapid growth by augmenting our base with a more progressive, process and systematic way of managing a broader multi-cultural geographic network with one core purpose – to always meet customer expectations, everywhere we do business.

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Sean Weir img 2

President | 2019

Sean Weir

At Atlantic, I have been fortunate to work with a team that is passionate to help customers and constantly looking for ways to improve. The entire Atlantic team approaches the industry from a very humble perspective, simply asking “how can we help our customers spend more time on their core business”.

I have also been deeply impressed by the Granovskys. They consider Atlantic, and its companies, a family business, and that shows in the long tenure of our team members.

I am blown away by the Paper/ Box industry and am proud to be helping Atlantic to play a leading role in it.

Chief Financial Officer | 1993

Paul Doyle

It is always about the people. One can only be successful if you have the right people doing the right things.  It is not about being an individual at Atlantic. It is about being a team.

We care. We move fast. We keep changing. We keep growing.

It is always about the people. We have a great team of people we work with and we get to work with some incredible customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

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Vice President Human Resources | 2012

Mario Sabatini

Fortunate to be a part of an organization that challenges you by allowing the opportunities to learn and grow positively.

I like Atlantic because of its core values of honesty, passion, integrity, professionalism which align very well with my personal values.

Atlantic is a place to work where people are treated with respect and whose opinions are valued and a place where we all work as a team. People really enjoy working with each other.

Chief Information Officer

Evon Lim

Atlantic is a very strong company with a very strong foundation of talent and culture.

I am fortunate to work with a team that is passionate about the business and our customer’s success. The Atlantic core values truly differentiates us and is what I believe transformed Atlantic Packaging into an industry leader and one of the largest and most respected companies in Canada.

We work as One Team and I am proud to play a leading role to help drive Atlantic forward and grow.

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Glenn Taylor img 2

Executive Vice President | 2019

Glenn Taylor

I have been in the paper industry for over 32 years. During that time I lived and worked in Canada, the USA, Mexico, South America, China, and Korea.

I am happy to be part of a proud family company with a long successful history. All of us have a role in that success. I hope that my experiences can build on that and help us continue to grow and improve. 

The positive attitudes of the people at Atlantic make it a truly great place to work.

Senior Vice President, Corrugated US I 2021

Frank Adams

Family. It’s a word that is consistently used within the ownership and executive management in regard to our employees. It’s a key component of the core values in this culture, our people are our family.

Our customers benefit from this culture by everyone working together as one team to find the solution that benefits their unique situation.

The customer is the focus of our company in core purpose and core values. Our desire is exceptional customer experience. Give us the opportunity to work with you and you will see a difference in our culture and approach to your business for sustainability.

At Atlantic, we make great packaging products that offer solutions from a sustainable environment creating a great place to work.

We make it happen! Every. Single. Day.

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Normand Bonin img t

Senior Vice President Quebec I 1988

Normand Bonin

At Atlantic-Packaging and Mitchel-Lincoln, I have been lucky to work for the past 35 years for two memorable families, the Granovskys and the Garfinkles. I share all their core values and mainly the one that drives us which is to “Always Meet Customers’ Expectations”.

Atlantic and Mitchel value their employees and make sure that they all feel that they are an important part of their success. We all work as a Team, and I am the first one to tell each of them how I appreciate their efforts and their contribution to the benefit of our Customers.

I thank Atlantic’s executive team for giving me the opportunity to help Mitchel Lincoln to continue to be the leader in the corrugated market of Quebec.

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