Introducing SmartCorr, An Atlantic Packaging Product Innovation

Introducing SmartCorr, An Atlantic Packaging Product Innovation

SmartCorr is Atlantic Packaging’s new high-performance lightweight 100% recycled paper (liner and medium). SmartCorr will be used to manufacture high-performance corrugated packaging products that will be lighter, stronger, and more sustainable.


The Next Step in Sustainable Packaging is Here.

SmartCorr is Lighter.

In North America, recycled paper grades typically range from 23 lbs to 69 lbs, while ‘lightweight’ grades are considered anything under 35 lbs. SmartCorr paper will not only be available as high-performance standard paper grades that allow customers to reduce their packaging, but they will also be available as high-performance grades below 23 lbs, making them the first true high-performance lightweight recycled paper in North America.

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SmartCorr is Stronger.

There are several factors that contribute to the strength of SmartCorr. The first is the use of high quality old corrugated containers (OCC). Unlike other recycled paper manufacturers, we don’t use mixed waste, which diminishes the quality and strength of the containerboard. The second is the technology in Atlantic’s Whitby Mill. Unlike traditional North American paper mills, Atlantic’s Whitby Mill is a former newsprint mill that has been re-purposed to manufacture recycled containerboard. Without getting too technical, the equipment at the Whitby Mill is specialized to produce a naturally stronger, higher quality sheet. Finally, we’ve utilized European technology in the rebuild of our new mill, allowing us to add an organic surface agent to the paper, giving it exceptional strength and performance characteristics. It’s this higher performance that allows customers to reduce their packaging and be more sustainable without sacrificing packaging performance.

SmartCorr is Greener.

The technology in the Whitby Mill allows Atlantic to manufacture recycled paper using 20 – 30% less fiber, making SmartCorr the most sustainable recycled paper product in North America. The fact that SmartCorr is lighter and stronger, will allow customers to reduce their packaging, and potentially improve existing packaging designs, making them more sustainable and reducing their environmental footprint; without sacrificing performance.

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