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How Sustainable is Your Packaging?

The packaging choices you make have a significant impact on the environment.  When you choose 100% recycled corrugated packaging products, you’re making a choice to reduce your overall environmental footprint.  Choosing recycled corrugated vs Virgin paper products reduces the number of mature trees that are harvested and in turn positively affects key environmental factors like water and energy usage and diverts packaging waste from landfills.

You can see the positive environmental impact you’ve made by using the Atlantic Sustainability Calculator.

Type a number into the field:

24 Mature trees saved from being cut down.

12 Tons of Green House Gas (GHG) removed from the environment.

7023 Gallons of water saved.

53164 bottles of water (500 ml).

16.77 Giga Joules of energy saved.

5.97 homes provided with heating and cooling for a full year.

5 cubic yards of waste diverted from landfill.

0.04 Municipal garbage trucks.

Calculations based on information gathered from

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