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Benefits of Corrugated Boxes for Packaging

By June 9, 2022September 27th, 2023No Comments
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Consumers expect businesses to deliver their purchases promptly and securely. Safe product delivery, brand identity promotion and higher sales are all benefits of good packaging. With global online sales predicted to be over $5.5 trillion in 2023, corrugated packing has become a popular option for many businesses’ secure product delivery.

Every decision you make while transporting your product to the customer counts. So, it becomes essential to think about the packaging of your products. Your box should be solid and sturdy to protect the product from damage while shipping and provide a favorable image of your brand. When a delivery is made, the consumer will first notice the packaging.

As a result, corrugated boxes are the popular go-to option for shipping heavy furniture, fragile glassware or pricey gadgets to your clients. Find out more about the use of corrugated boxes.

What are Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are a form of material that is made from heavy paper pulp or thick paper stock. It generates a card arrangement that eventually becomes a sturdy box ideal for packaging. The pack’s strength is provided by the corrugated material’s zigzag structure, which is on both sides of the packing. The fluting is a layer of paper attached securely with a powerful adhesive and is then used to hold this zigzag-style box.

Every day, companies worldwide use corrugated boxes to send products because they’re one of the least expensive ways to ensure that products get to their destinations securely.

Benefits of Corrugated Packaging Boxes

A corrugated box is made up of corrugated fiberboard. Its recyclability and reusability make it a suitable packaging material. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option when the fuel, energy, and production costs rise daily. Here are some benefits of using a corrugated box for packaging your products. 


You can find corrugated packaging as one of the most common and inexpensive packaging solutions for your business available in the market. It is due to the materials’ lightweight properties, low labor cost, and tools needed for manufacturing that keep shipping costs down. In addition, corrugated boxes offer eco-friendly packaging solutions to your business using recycled materials.


Sustainable packaging has a positive impact on the planet and your business. However, one of the most crucial factors in your business’s growth is the strong relationship with your customers. Customers are starting to value environmentally friendly packaging. Corrugated packaging is a biodegradable material that you can easily recycle and reuse.


A corrugated box is valuable for your business as it is highly customizable. From graphics to printing, it becomes an excellent way to brand, market, and promote your business. In addition, you can get corrugated boxes in all sizes to make them a perfect fit for any product. Corrugated boxes are highly versatile, allowing your business to satisfy packaging needs.

Product Protection

The multi-layered structure design of the corrugated packaging boxes offers superior protection to the products during transit. In addition, the corrugated box material has tear-resistant qualities to keep the product packaging protected and intact from exposure. The combined stiffness and cushioning characteristics are strong enough to withstand impact during shipping and movement.

Saves Energy

Corrugated box commonly uses 100 % recycled materials. In addition, corrugated packaging can include many recycled components that take less time to create. Since most are produced without dyes and bleaches, there is one less stage in the manufacturing process. It is relatively light and thus makes it possible to save money on transportation.

Customer Satisfaction

Want to please your clients? Make their unpacking experience enjoyable. For eCommerce businesses, creating a positive unpacking experience is especially crucial because they lack the “shelf presence” that stores have and need to make a lasting impact on a buyer in some other way. You may achieve this using the product packaging.


A corrugated box is recognized for its excellent quality and innovative structure. Corrugated packaging is a flexible material that you can use to pack awkwardly shaped goods and protect your products during transit. Because of their flexibility, corrugated boxes are manufactured in various sizes and shapes.

Easy to Stack

Because it offers enough protection, you don’t need a corrugated packaging box to be extremely large or packed full of cushioning. Corrugated boxes take up less room in storage since they are simple to stack when not in use.

Get Started With Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Corrugated boxes have many uses, regardless of your line of work. They can boost your brand awareness, protect your goods, are inexpensive, are simple to carry and store and are environmentally friendly packaging solutions available.

We believe you now have the solution to your corrugated box dilemma. If you’re prepared to switch to corrugated, let us know. Atlantic Packaging has long assisted businesses in using corrugated packaging and other materials to connect with their clients, grow sustainably, and increase profitability. No matter what you need, our design and sales staff will listen to you carefully and offer you highly personalized solutions to strengthen your brand and company in the marketplace. In addition, your product will be market-ready sooner than your competitor, thanks to our cutting-edge technology, which will also help your business acquire visibility more swiftly. Are you prepared to follow corrugated packaging with Atlantic Packaging? Contact us immediately at 800.268.5620 to find out how we can assist you in doing the same.