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Custom Packaging For Omnichannel Retail

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Omnichannel marketing is a multichannel marketing strategy that allows customers to shop for products both in an offline and online environment. Although omnichannel retail requires a lot of effort, it has significant benefits. Maintaining an online presence while simultaneously being present in stores or other chains can be tremendously helpful to the case. It is now more critical than ever for firms to design custom retail packaging and provide both customers and new clients an advantage in the cutthroat market.

You may believe that creating your product is the most challenging part however, that is not the case. It is now more critical than ever for firms to design their packaging and provide a seamless online and offline buying experience.

In this piece, we’ll look at how custom retail packaging solutions can help you consolidate your market position.

Is Omnichannel Retail Packaging Necessary?

Most businesses believe that custom-made eCommerce packaging may add a touch of class and make a lasting impression on buyers. 72 percent of consumers agree that the box design influences their purchasing decision. Because there is no face-to-face connection between customers and online brands, the eCommerce packaging must speak for them. However, as a custom packaging firm, one of the most frequently asked questions is if custom boxes can have the same impact on retail stores as they do on eCommerce brands.

Yes, to put it succinctly. Retail packaging can be a powerful tool for improving your in-store purchasing experience. Here’s an example to help you understand. Adidas and Lego recently collaborated on a new pair of sneakers. Customers who wish to buy these shoes are likely to go into the store, try them on, and purchase the correct size. However, the shopping experience does not end there. The customer will only get a proper view and feel for the product when it has been unpacked. When this happens, you want to keep wowing them and perhaps throw in some surprises. Adidas chose a Lego-like hard box that was custom-designed. This box is not only eye-catching, but it also assists shoppers in quickly identifying the retailer without having to look at the product.

Investing in custom boxes for physical stores is a tried and true strategy for improving the aesthetic attractiveness of your products, increasing word-of-mouth, and eventually bringing customers back for more.

3 Reasons To Go For Custom Retail Packaging for Omnichannel Retail

Corporations are now up against a new type of competition. Creating a memorable customer experience is no longer enough: businesses must now compete for their consumers’ attention and involvement.

Custom packaging can assist merchants in achieving this goal by providing unique experiences across all channels through which they communicate with customers while reinforcing the company’s brand image in every interaction.

To Create a Unique Brand Identity

The key to achieving consistency across all platforms is to have a strong brand identity. Similar package themes create a sense of familiarity, which encourages customers to purchase your products more regularly because they know what you have to offer.

Investing in one unified theme for all of your branding and design aspects is an investment worth making for future success.

Customers are more likely to buy from a business if they believe the products are branded. People want to be linked with and visible in high-quality brands, and they want to associate themselves with high-quality products.

Unique packaging can assist you to achieve this goal by upgrading your current boxes to something more upscale or adding custom branding to them to boost the perceived value of what’s inside.

Interact with Consumers 

Your bespoke boxes are an excellent method to introduce your customers to who you are and what makes your business unique. It is an opportunity for people to connect with the brand on a deeper level than ever before, whether they are delivered in person or shipped from afar.

By providing small customized touches like a greeting letter or discount coupons, you can employ branded packaging to generate loyalty and “word-of-mouth” advertising. Many people are more likely to recommend your product if it comes in branded packaging.

The tactile experience of marketing helps build engagement with your customers. Various textures, inserts, and add-ons that keep your goods organized all work together to give the brand a polished appearance.

With so many social media platforms to choose from, getting the word out about your business is becoming increasingly vital. Customers are often persuaded by businesses that have attractive packaging and that they follow on Instagram or Facebook.

Cost-Effective Shipment

It’s easier to keep track of packaging costs if your store is both offline and online. Ordering for both channels saves money and gives a company a better understanding of its logistics.

Several omnichannel businesses report that when they place orders together, their warehouse runs more efficiently, and the product is lost less in transit between warehouses or stores.

Atlantic Packaging Can Help Solve Omnichannel Retail Packaging Needs

Brands will never stop trying to outdo one another. To stand out, multichannel firms are experimenting with new ways of buying from and engaging with customers. Atlantic Packaging can help you boost customer experience and loyalty with packaging that stands out.

It is a significant shift because, in the past, stores were much more important than what was purchased online; however, this is changing, forcing businesses like yours to invest time and money in packaging their products so that they can provide an equal quality experience regardless of where they are purchased or how they are delivered.

Atlantic Packaging produces high-quality retail packaging that meets your brand’s needs. Contact us today at 1800.268.5620 to get retail-ready packaging for your business.