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How Do Festive Visual Merchandising and Packaging Help Brands?

By May 11, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments
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Many establishments in Canada were early adopters of festive visual merchandising. During the festive season, many people look forward to visiting the windows of various businesses in Canada.

During the festive seasons, several other retail businesses and supermarkets around the world have increased their game. These retailers also include items in festive packaging or items that are seasonal.

These retail businesses choose merchandise and use visual merchandising to convey a consistent message. Having a particular festival shelf set up and the necessary technology to optimize visual impact on the floor displays will help to keep your entire branding consistent across all channels. Some grocery brands even offer seasonal packages to make buying everything you need for the season easier.

In brief, festive visual merchandising and packaging influence your business, but there are additional factors to consider.

Connect With Customers

Customers who want to celebrate the festive season will like the seasonal colors and patterns. But, because it’s all about tying your firm to the beautiful sentiments that only the festivals can provide, many brands discover that customers love the same product more if it comes in a festive packaging.

The festive season is a great time to reconnect with old and new consumers and offer them something unique. You may be sure that you will be remembered if you use personalized packaging. Even though the motive is identical to others on the market, you’ll stand out since you’re providing the festive attitude that customers need.

Customers anticipate the festivals and choose to celebrate in various ways, including purchasing their favorite items in festive-themed bundles.

It makes sense to satisfy those festival expectations if you want to become a new favorite.

Ditch The Label

Packaging should not be left with a sticker on an empty bag to convey your brand’s story, values, and tone. Instead, you want to inform everyone who you are and why they should go for their wallets with a glance.

Customers can pick out the festive variety in a split second if you opt to alter your packaging rather than pausing to read a label. The design should be self-evident.

Plus, you won’t have to waste time and money labeling bags, saving you hours and dollars that may be put to greater use in your company.

Customized packaging, with crisp colors and images, is the name of the game with digital printing. From the zipper to the gusset, every aspect of the package may be customized.

Boost Your Social Media

One of the most important methods to attract customers is through social media, but you must keep them interested. Showing off newly designed festive packaging is one approach to generating curiosity.

When it comes to the festivals, you’ve been given a topic that everyone is thinking about. So using that common interest to ensure that people click on your posts is a terrific approach to ensure that they do.

Whether teasing the announcement, showcasing your new package for the first time, or simply framing your bag with a lovely on-theme backdrop, you’ll get a lot of posts from just one festive design.

You might even create a new hashtag for your social media accounts to promote your new packaging.

How Can You Give Your Packaging A Festive Refresh?

Small companies with limited funding may find festive packaging design difficult. Furthermore, it may not be feasible to redesign your complete packaging design at this time. Here are some low-cost seasonal features you can add to your site to help you capitalize on festive traffic:

Custom Tissue Paper

It is a fantastic idea to make some festive-themed customized gift wrap. It’s pretty light and may be readily wrapped around several different-shaped items. Using handmade tissue to line the interior of a present box is also a terrific way to elevate the appearance of an item!

Custom Stickers

Stickers are one of the most flexible packaging options for businesses. You can give them out as a freebie to clients and use them to adorn the exterior of parcels or seal the edges of gift wrap! In addition, stickers are a terrific spot to print crucial brand data since they provide a strong focal point in your festive box design.

Custom Tape

Custom-printed boxes don’t always meet the demands of small enterprises. However, creating bespoke tape with a festive theme is a low-cost method to spice up boring cardboard boxes or mailers and enhance visual merchandising. But, of course, it’s a wise investment when you need tape to seal boxes anyhow!

Handwritten Notes

It’s a good idea to include thank-you cards with your parcels at any time of year, but it’s especially suitable around the festivals. Receiving an order becomes more personal when you include a short letter with seasonal greetings. Small enterprises consistently outperform big brands in this area. You may demonstrate that each purchase is lovingly assembled by hand, rather than being mass-produced in a factory setting!

Festive Visual Merchandising With Atlantic Packaging

The festivals are a time for family, lovely fall colors, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. It’s a time for making memories and reminiscing.

Customizing your package to tap into that festive mood is easier than ever before, thanks to the new opportunities digital printing technology and visual merchandising give you through flexible packaging.

You’ll be able to uncover new methods to engage with consumers and fresh content to publish on social media. You may also try out fresh design concepts and use serialized QR codes to connect with customers outside of the packaging.

Contact Atlantic Packaging at 800.268.5620 to describe your packaging requirements, and we’ll handle the rest. Atlantic Packaging has strived to protect the environment for the past 75 years, ensuring that no trees are chopped down to make boxes. As a result, we are delighted to say that we save about 14 million trees each year and are committed to making the world a greener place!

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy the festivals!