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How Does the Color of Packaging Affect Consumer Buying Choices?

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How Does the Color of Packaging Affect Consumer Buying Choices?

In advertising and retail sales, color psychology is critical. Consumers tend to respond to color box packaging, which may attract or repel them. Depending on the demographics of your target market, the colors you pick for your package materials might make or break a product’s success.

While color psychology isn’t quite magic, it has the potential to have a near-mystical effect on your audience. Choosing the proper color box packaging to evoke the right emotions is a delicate balancing act that, when done well, may yield spectacular results. 

The Use Of Color In Packaging Is Essential

Colors on product labels and packaging significantly affect customer purchase choices. Studies show:

  • Almost 85% of customers say color is the crucial reason they bought a particular item.
  • Color, according to 80% of customers, boosted brand awareness.

Color Trends In Packaging

Colour is still one of the essential aesthetic characteristics to consider, even though other considerations such as brand awareness and product quality play a role in purchase decisions.

In the product packaging sector, there are few prevalent color trends.

  • Pastels got a lot of traction in 2018. These hues are relaxing and instill a sense of peace in customers.
  • Color gradients are a common design element. Color gradients may be seen everywhere, even when observing sunrise or sunset. Color gradient transitions evoke emotions such as serenity, tranquility, and even enthusiasm.
  • Green, both as a word and as a hue, has a variety of connotations. While the term denotes environmental friendliness, the hue indicates the influence on the environment and the origin of the color box packing materials. The market for ecologically friendly products is constantly expanding, and most packaging integrates green.
  • Colors are related to flavors, which may not come as a surprise. For a long time, people have been able to connect colors with flavors. For example, linking yellow to lemon flavor and red to cherry flavor facilitates food identification. Manufacturers employ this strategy to sway split-second purchase choices and increase revenue.

How To Choose The Right Packaging Color?

Color box packaging impacts customer buying behavior, according to Consumer Buying Behavior. There are a few factors to consider while choosing the best tint for your product packaging.

Consider the buyer

Your customers should be able to relate to the colors you select. Maintain a laser-like concentration on your target market. Recognize their requirements and motivations. What are their age, gender, socioeconomic level, and educational background? McDonald’s, for example, uses the iconic red and yellow color scheme to convey vitality and youthfulness to its target demographic.

Represent the product

You may want the package to inform the buyer about the product’s contents. The color of a shampoo bottle, for example, may provide the consumer with a signal about the product’s range.

The objective of the product should be communicated

The color should subtly express the message you wish to send to potential customers. Do you want people to think of the product as relaxing or enjoyable? Is the item connected to health or safety? The right color will trigger the corresponding emotions in the customers.

Keep the brand in mind

The colors and style of packaging should tell your brand’s narrative. Do you wish to highlight a positive aspect of your company? Is your brand serious, lighthearted, or rebellious?

Maintain design and font consistency

Your colors should complement the package design and the typography you select. It doesn’t take much to get carried away with your creativity and go overboard, even though it may appear straightforward. The fonts you pick transmit a statement to your customers, and the colors you use should match that message.

Stick to your crucial brand colors

Experimenting with color box packaging for a new product is fun, but you must retain color consistency and brand identification. It implies that regardless of the packaging or colors, customers should be able to recognize your brand.

Thoughts On Coloring Product Packaging

Here are a few more things to think about when utilizing color box packaging:


If you have gender-specific items, the colors will automatically be distinguished. However, be mindful that gender-specific color expectations may differ. For example, females were drawn to product colors of blue, purple, and green, while men were drawn to blue, green, and black.


Your clients’ perceptions of color will differ based on their age, education, cultural background, and economic status. Therefore, pay close attention to how your target audience interprets color.


Make sure that your colors set you out from the competitors. Consumers will be confused if you appear to be someone else. Use color to make your company logo stand out on the shelf.

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When picking package colors, keep your consumers and your brand in mind. Mood boards might be helpful if you’re rebranding or designing packaging for a new product. 

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