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How Often Should You Change Your Retail Packaging Design?

By August 20, 2022October 26th, 2022No Comments
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Product-based businesses acknowledge the value of retail packaging design. Design plays a crucial role as it conveys the brand identity. A great retail packaging design for your product can promote sales and brand loyalty among customers. Even a great product suffers from poor package design, while competitors’ products thrive due to a better package design. An outdated, dull, or unclear packaging will not help your product to sell. While longevity has its merits, such as recognizability, it also poses the threat of customers starting to think your product is outdated when compared to the fierce competition. Package design is paramount as consumers need to know why your product is the best. In the sea of competition today, you will need unique packaging designs to stand out. Figuring out what is the right time to change the design of your packaging can be extremely difficult as sometimes random design changes have left consumers feeling frustrated or also makes your brand less recognizable. With the help of this guide, you will be able to consider if it is time to up your design game or if you require to refresh your current design. 

Design Is Outdated 

The most obvious reason for a new retail packaging design is if your design is outdated and if the design concept is no longer in trend. It is crucial to update the design to have modern features. As a rule of thumb, it is better not to stay too much away from the original design. It is crucial to make sure there is a recognizable factor. Be cautious about randomly chasing every trend in the market without a proper strategy in mind, as it can make the brand seem desperate.

Reformulation Of Product

If there are a lot of upgrades or alterations to your product, this is a sign that it is time for a change in the packaging. If you want the consumers to become aware of the enhancements, it is a great idea to announce them with a design change. It will be a great idea to alter the design of your packaging to represent the improvements in the product. 


There might be several reasons behind wanting to rebrand. It could be because of a drop in sales or due to the lack of interest from consumers, or it could be because you are trying to target an entirely new client base. Rebranding calls for a change in packaging design. Consider the main message you wish to portray and use colors, fonts, or images that best represent the new message. 

Launch Of New Product Lines

If you want your client base to become aware of your new products, you can do so by upgrading your packaging design. The new packaging design should showcase your efforts to create new product lines for customers. One tip can be to add pointers about your new offerings to the existing products. Amending the color scheme to differentiate products while maintaining the general design is a good tip to make customers aware of new product lines. 

A Change In Values 

Consumers today are always looking for eco-friendly alternatives as the concern for the environment is rising on a daily basis. If your company has adopted an eco-friendly approach, it is crucial to design the packaging to align with it. Choosing recyclable or sustainable packaging would be a better alternative for customers who are environmentally friendly. Going green with your packaging design can lead to a boost in public opinion and sales. To make consumers aware of this change, you can have representations of the color green or environment-friendly-related symbols in your new design. 

Striving For A New Demographic

A successful retail packaging design should connect with its target audience. If you plan to target an entirely new demographic, it would be best to conduct market research to get to know the preferences of the demographic. Based on the findings, a packaging design can be created based on these preferences. Suppose you aspire to expand your business or products to a different demographic, such as a diverse age group or people in other countries. In that case, your packaging design must also attract this new audience. Consider the dichotomy between a package geared toward senior citizens and young children. It is essential to consider what type of packaging is appropriate for your intended consumers. 

Identical To The Competition

If the package design of your product blends very easily with the competition, it is time to change the retail packaging design. It is vital to give your product an opportunity to stand out from the competition. Sometimes it is good to be different from the crowd instead of being influenced by competitors. The design change can be as basic as cleaning up the design to make it unique from the competition. 

Retail packaging is what catches the eyes of the consumer. It is important to keep a close watch on the design performance of your product. If the brand image and message are consistent throughout the packaging design, it can lead to emotional connections and boost sales.

In terms of packaging, all brands in the market try to think outside the box. If your sales are dormant, it could be because of your packaging. Having innovative ideas and implying them is entirely different. To implement that, we must possess a creative mind, which is essential. Hence, we have dedicated and creative designers who constantly invent innovative ideas for each industry type. Whether you are looking to create a new packaging design or update an existing one, we have got you covered. Contact Atlantic Packaging at 800.268.5620 for comprehensive packaging solutions and a quality experience.