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Recycled-Content Corrugated Boxes: A Sustainable Solution

By October 22, 2022December 5th, 2022No Comments
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As the world becomes more aware of various health and environmental impacts, customers are becoming more conscious of what goes in their trolleys. The green movement is strong globally, with consumers willing to pay a premium for products made from recycled materials and manufacturers increasingly choosing environmentally friendly packaging over non-recyclable plastics, paperboard, and metals. As a result, sustainability has been on the rise and continues to play a significant role in all business areas. It’s not just about saving energy or reducing waste anymore; businesses are starting to see that there is real value in being sustainable as well. 

Especially in the modern era of e-commerce, corrugated packaging is becoming a more prominent aspect of daily life. The corrugated packaging sector has a recycling track record far superior to any other packaging material thanks to a business strategy centred on accountability. 

Why should we consider the Recycling Process?

Corrugated recycling reduces the amount of solid trash dumped in landfills. Additionally, it offers recycled fibre, reducing the need for fresh raw materials when producing newly corrugated. Due to old corrugated containers’ value to paper mills and new corrugated product makers, recycling corrugated even generates income for the end user.

Corrugated Packaging: Sustainable Packaging Solution

Corrugated packaging has evolved over the years by considering the consumer’s changing demands and environmental challenges. Corrugated packaging has many advantages for the environment, one of which is its high recovery rate. The sustainability of corrugated packaging goes beyond just that; it is also renewable, affordable, and efficient, making it a sensible choice for packaging. Our natural environment affects everything we need for life and well-being, directly or indirectly. 

To fulfil the present, and future generations’ social, economic, and other needs, creating and maintaining conditions that allow humans and the environment to coexist in productive harmony is necessary. Therefore, numerous nations are implementing policies encouraging manufacturers to accept responsibility for using environmentally friendly packaging options. However, recycled corrugated packaging has traditionally been preferred due to its strength, padding, protection, flexibility, and recyclable nature.


Corrugated’s The ability of corrugated material to be recycled and reused has the added benefit of lowering the energy and other resources needed to make it in the first place. 

The energy needed to make corrugated packaging is significantly reduced because it is sustainably produced with a high percentage of recycled materials. In addition, manufacturing transportation expenses are cheaper since recycled resources are frequently used locally, as opposed to importing or shipping commodities across great distances. As a result, corrugated has developed into a global “green” logistics packaging option. 

Economic Perspective

The packaging material corrugated is inexpensive but trustworthy enough to guarantee the security of your product. This flexible packaging can be specially created to suit a product while eliminating extra material waste snugly. The actual material will also stay cheap because it is entirely self-sufficient.

This durable yet lightweight material is a sensible choice for any packaging size. In addition, corrugated materials reduce freight and handling expenses to save on shipping and fuel expenditures.

Creating Favourable Impressions

In addition to generating waste, using too much packaging affects client satisfaction. Customers are more likely to respond favourably to your packing selections if it is appropriately sized, as they will see them as well-considered rather than excessive, wasteful, or poorly handled. Therefore, showing your customer that you care about their requirements and the environment is essential by providing well-packaged goods in the correct size packages. 

Embrace The Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Atlantic Packaging offers economical, ethical, and ecologically friendly, high-quality, variety and custom packaging solutions. The history, culture, and unwavering commitment to excellence are all strong points of Atlantic Packaging. We have spent more than 75 years working to protect the environment and guarantee that no trees are taken down to create packages. We continue striving for a green planet and to become the leaders of our industry. We are delighted to say that we save close to 14 million trees annually. Call us at 416.298.8101 to learn how we can assist in supplying sustainable packaging solutions for your products.