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The Environmental Benefits of Using Corrugated Packaging

By August 26, 2022October 26th, 2022No Comments
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Heavy-duty corrugated packaging is extensively used for packaging goods such as food items, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hazardous chemicals, and other materials. Heavy-duty corrugated packaging provides product safety. It also serves as a marketing tool to establish your brand’s identity. Packaging ethically, humanely safe, and easy to recycle is called eco-friendly. As people become more conscious of the potential effects that packaging may have on the environment, many organizations are taking steps to make more ethical decisions and lower their carbon footprint. Corrugated Packaging is one of the most widely used packaging solutions since it boasts strength, durability, and lightness while minimizing economic and environmental implications.

We will explore why these packagings are significantly more eco-sustainable and how upgrading to them can elevate your sustainability grade.

Incorporates Recyclable Components

Corrugated packaging’s preliminary eco-benefit is that it can be recycled once used since they are mainly composed of recycled paper, such as newspapers or cartons. Corrugated packaging can also be disposed of more responsibly than other material forms because it is produced predominantly without dyes or bleaches. 

Corrugated Packaging disintegrates substantially in one year. Being composed mainly of cellulose, it deteriorates quickly, and if it is exposed to rainfed conditions, such as a humid atmosphere, this mechanism is amplified even more.

Substantial Energy Savings

Just over half of the US was recycling cardboard by the advent of the 1990s. Due to more effective recycling initiatives, that percentage has increased to over 90%. It also means that less transportation is required to produce a selection of packages.


They can be manufactured from old wood chips or other remnants of manufacturing processes. Those concerned about the plight of our forests would appreciate their biodegradable nature. 

Businesses must employ less padding in every shipment because they are satisfactory at safeguarding your merchandise. As a result, not only are you saving money on product packaging, but you can also pack more into each load. All of this can have a considerable influence on your carbon footprint.

Elimination of Plastic Usage

Synthetic materials such as polystyrene, bubble wrap, and other forms of void fill are traditional substitutes for corrugated packaging, all extremely hostile to the environment. Corrugated production reduces CO2 and oil emissions by up to 60%..

Contributes to Energy Saving

A high proportion of recycled materials also means that corrugated packaging consumes less energy during production, which is another bonus. Instead of using 100% virgin materials, most corrugated manufacturers use locally sourced recyclable packaging, eliminating negative externalities caused by excessive transit. By recycling, we can conserve energy that can be utilized to produce new resources. Making them requires 50% less electricity and 90% less water.

Low CO2 Emissions

Corrugated Packaging has the potential to be recycled, which significantly reduces the energy needed to create new packaging. The power that is saved can then be utilized to compose other products.

The preponderance of corrugated is established without adding any products or bleaches, making it easier to dispose of than other products and requiring fewer additives during production, reducing the number of emissions articulated to the water systems.

Since every additional kilogram in weight causes an increased fuel requirement during transportation, corrugated lightweight also influences transportation’s carbon footprint.

Adequate Product Safety

To cut the level of waste production, several manufacturers now produce packages that are the right size and shape for their merchandise. In terms of shipping and transportation, this can significantly mitigate the carbon emissions generated by the firm. Since packages are often oblong, they can be efficiently and conveniently stacked with little unused space, enabling businesses to put more products onto fewer cars, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. In addition, its inner cushioning components, such as corrugated inserts and edge protectors, help ensure fragile products’ safety during transit and are available in different sizes. 

It is imperative nowadays more than ever to employ eco-friendly packaging solutions since many businesses are scrutinized for their ecological impact. 

Industry players are conscious of the benefits of adopting more sustainable packaging, such as paper-based corrugated, since eco-friendly solutions are in high demand among customers. In addition, shoppers are increasingly evaluating firms based on which ones are making a genuine attempt to be eco-sustainable, as ethical procurement has become fundamental to the sales process.

Overall, corrugated Packaging is more environmentally friendly. You garner more without sacrificing the quality of the manufactured goods from the raw material transportation to the manufacturer.

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The market is segmented into three material-based segments: paperboard, kraft paper, and corrugated board. Among these, the corrugated board segment is anticipated to have the largest market share due to its affordable, flexible packaging and efficiency in recycling, and Atlantic Packaging features a wealth of endurable packaging solutions. Our ultimate focus is to accomplish business as sustainably as possible, and we endeavor to mitigate the carbon footprint as much as possible. If you want to elevate your business to newer heights, contact the experts at 416.298.8101, 800.268.5620, or log in to to learn more about corrugated packaging.