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Unique Selling Proposition

By September 15, 2021November 1st, 2021No Comments
Unique Selling Proposition

 In North America, pulp, paper, and packaging is a nearly $200 billion industry,  employing close to 500,000 people, while producing an astounding 97 million tons of paper and packaging products in a year. With that much at stake, how does an organization cut through the clutter of a highly competitive industry, while providing their customers and clients with the most effective and distinctive products and services?  

 It can be summed up in four words…“Seeing Beyond the Box.” 

 You can see it on the side of our trucks, on our website, and anywhere that the Atlantic Packaging Products brand is showcased proudly. It is more than just a tagline, it is an embodiment of our core philosophies and practices. To us, “Seeing Beyond the Box” enables and empowers us to provide our customers with one of the most unique products and service offerings in the pulp, paper, and packaging industry.  

 But what does it all mean? Sure, tag lines and slick marketing can provide for a great presentation in a client’s boardroom, but what counts more than anything is what an organization can truly provide for their client’s pulp, paper, and packaging needs. Where value, coverage, and diversity of offerings become the cornerstone elements that they must be able to address fully and completely for their customers and clients. 

 At Atlantic, we have taken that tagline and established one of the industry’s most unique and diverse products and services offerings. We have combined them all and created what we call our ‘TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTION’. This vertically integrated offering provides our customers and clients unprecedented and complete oversight of their packaging needs and projects. The ‘TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTION’ provides a one-of-a-kind advantage for our customers and clients that very few in the industry can come close to matching up.  

 Our ‘TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTION’ takes the entire process of a customer or client’s product development, and establishes a highly effective and manageable vertical integrated model, aligning all of our core products and services, and unleashing their strengths into one package. 

These include: 

  • Corrugated Packaging: Providing effective solutions through custom design, retail-ready packaging, and innovative designs through corrugated products.  


  • Paper Bag Products: Providing our customers and clients with a diverse range of Kraft and White paper bags in a number of grades and formats, as well as for a wide scope of needs for specific industries such as Food Service. 


  • Retail Packaging & Displays: Our expertise in providing our customers and clients with a myriad of options and services, such as designing and manufacturing point-of-purchase and retail-ready displays, as well as offering co-packaging and logistics solutions too.


  • Pre-Print: Specializing in high volume runs, our pre-print division provides industry-leading expertise in design, layout, and print manufacturing. 


  • Supply and Inventory Management: A one-stop shop for all our customers and clients,  providing them with all of the quality supplies and products they need to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. 


  • Recycling: As the backbone of our business for over 75 years, we proudly offer our customers and clients the highest quality of services when it comes to recycling their unwanted corrugated materials responsibly, manufacturing 100% recycled paper, and corrugated packaging products. 


  • Recycled Paper Mills: Leading the way in environmental responsibility, we provide innovative products such high performance recycled lightweight paper (SmartCorr), as well as our 100% recycled Enviroliner and Enviromedium containerboard 


 And with the ‘TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTION’ comes yet another unique and distinctive offering from Atlantic, our commitment to you through our outstanding customer and client services. A key cornerstone for Atlantic is our continuing effort to provide our customers and clients with not only the utmost in service through our ‘TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTION’ but to provide them with the best results while providing tremendous value. Our teams in every division and department showcase our passion through the work we provide, the attention to detail we undertake, and the results that our customers and clients achieve. 

 So, in an industry as large as pulp, paper, and packaging, it is comforting to know that with the countless options out there for companies and organizations, Atlantic Packaging  Products – with its remarkable TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTION and unrivaled customer and client services – can be counted on to be your strategic partner. Contact us to learn more on how this can all work for you, and to perhaps help you…see beyond the box.