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What is the difference between a carton box and a corrugated box?

By September 22, 2022October 27th, 2022No Comments
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You all have heard about “Carton box” and “Corrugated box” and might think both are the same, but that’s not true. They both are made of different materials. It’s important to distinguish between these two materials because they have vastly diverse properties and applications and are used for two different purposes. 

Product packaging is the best way for marketers to aesthetically convey the brand’s message and present their product as a superior solution to any opponent. Consumers today have an ever-growing range of options at their disposal. More than 20,000 products are available at a supermarket, all vying for the customer’s attention. They only need to entice, impress, and persuade customers to “take it” during a typical 30-minute shopping session. With so much competition, product packaging appears to be one of the most potent marketing tools for directly influencing and communicating with consumers.

Understanding the differences between cardboard box vs corrugated box is an essential first step to take as you choose storage and shipping solutions. So let’s know what makes them different.

Material Composed

Corrugated Box: Corrugated boxes are made of a unique material with three separate sheets of containerboard, essentially thick paperboard. The sheet in the middle is rippling in shape, while the two sheets on the outer are flat liners. With varied sizes, thicknesses, and weight capacities, corrugated boxes come in various fluting styles and flute profiles. 

Carton Box: Compared to corrugated boxes, a single sheet of heavy-duty paper or paperboard is frequently used to make cardboard boxes. 


Corrugated Box: These boxes are made with robust and starchy adhesive in the packaging sector, and their three sheets are joined to form a corrugated fiberboard sheet. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the total strength-to-weight ratio when comparing the weight of cardboard with corrugated fiberboard. It is because corrugated will be far more durable at the same weight, even though cardboard is often a lighter material.

Carton Box: Box sheets made of cardboard are notably lighter and thinner than those made of corrugated boxes. But these sheets also exist in various strengths and hardnesses. But, you would need to use a considerably heavier carton box, which is neither possible nor affordable, to reach the same level of stability as corrugated.


Corrugated Box: The primary distinction between a Carton box vs corrugated box is its sturdiness. While conventional cardboard is just a means to an end, corrugated is explicitly made with the end user’s demands in mind. Corrugated boxes are more difficult to bend or shape than cardboard ones due to the latter’s more complex composition.

Carton Box: Carton boxes come in various shapes and can even be molded to match the shape of the object they are holding, which is not uncommon to see.


Corrugated Box: There are several ways to modify the corrugated box. Nearly every component of the corrugated box may be customized by businesses to fit their product and brand, from thickness and size to coatings, adhesives, graphics, and forms. The most effective alternative by far for shipping fruits and vegetables is corrugated. The wonderful thing about corrugated is that countless variations and pairings are possible. Consider sending apples to a business for sale. Atlantic Packaging provides innovative, corrugated solutions tailored to your needs and objectives.

Carton Box: Your business needs will significantly impact the type of carton you require. Corrugated boxes work well for shipping bulky items or if you work in the moving and packing industry. Paperboard boxes work better for smaller products. Additionally, they can be customized in many ways and look fantastic on store shelves. The most acceptable alternative for packaging cakes and confections is paperboard packaging.


Corrugated Box: Due to their sturdy construction, high durability, and widespread recycling, corrugated boxes are the ideal packaging for medium-sized and large commodities. As a result, product shipment and transportation are frequently used to deliver everything from medium-sized items to major home appliances. 

Carton Box: Since it is made of a single-layered sheet, it is not advisable to ship heavy or fragile goods in these packages. Instead, packing and shipping small or light objects frequently utilize cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes, boxes for perishable food, small toys, board games, and other similar items.

Corrugated Packaging Is A Sustainable Solution

A corrugated box is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials because it is made of recyclable materials like old newspapers and boxes. Therefore, they are free of colors and bleaches. And they also save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, corrugated cardboard boxes are trendy since they are made of recyclable materials.

Hence it becomes an excellent choice for storing and shipping items if you’re searching for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly method. 

Want To Save Trees And Flourish Your Business? 

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