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What Now? – Moving Past The Pandemic

By June 15, 2021November 1st, 2021No Comments
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About 18 months ago, the word was something we all read in the history books from times past and events so far removed from our day-to-day lives. But then the word became a reality. The world was turned upside down and within a matter of days, what we all thought was normal, suddenly just stopped.  

For the business community, this meant an unprecedented time of hyper-speed change and adaptation to the new realities of the economy. Industries and companies once thought to be able to weather any economic storm, suddenly faced uncertainty at a  time when no blueprint, guide, or operations manual existed for what was about to come.  

And yet, through all of the hardship, tough decisions, and adjustments made, many of those same industries and companies weathered the storm (so to speak). 

Now, some 18 months later, we are now witnessing incremental and progressive steps away from the scourge of this pandemic. As restrictions start to be eased by governments around the world, including here in Canada, efforts to restart economies are now underway.  With careful science-based decisions leading the charge, the business world is hopeful that this “restart” will usher in a new and more vibrant economy for businesses everywhere. 

With that restart and the promise of a new vibrant economy, one must take a good hard look at the very real question of…what happens next? We have just witnessed the extraordinary rise of e-commerce and online retail at a rate unparalleled in modern business history. What was once considered a frivolous option for shoppers, the demand for online shopping transformed not only the retail landscape but also every aspect of the supply chain. From logistics to server capacity, every step of that online shopping chain was affected in a way that tested their ability to manage and maintain their obligations to their clients.  

But what happens next? What will the retail landscape look like? Is online shopping going to continue its dominance, or will the rise of a hybrid online/offline shopping experience come into the fold? 

Forbes and Deloitte ran a few surveys about post-pandemic spending and shopping habits, and what came out of it was at the very least, eye-opening. They found that 43% of consumers are willing to spend more on convenience (such as online shopping), versus going out to shop. They also found that 39% of consumers are more likely to buy from local or independent brands. These illustrate a very interesting trend growing out of the pandemic,  that consumers’ approach to shopping will be more diverse, opting for the hybrid approach of online/offline shopping. What this also brings to the forefront is a desire for consumers to also support local and independent brands and retailers. This showcases a desire to approach their spending habits and actions in a more ethical and principled way.

So what does this all mean? Again, by taking a good hard look at the first question, one must once again pivot to the idea of a hybrid online/offline shopping experience, with consumers now even more cognizant of where and how there are spending their money.  

How is a company or organization going to be able to meet the new realities of a  more expansive retail landscape, while being able to provide to their customers ethical and principled options as part of their shopping experience?  

This is going to be one of the new “battle cries” in the new and vibrant  

economy…one that Atlantic Packaging is ready to provide. 

As an industry leader in innovative sustainable packaging products, Atlantic  Packaging has been a trusted partner for countless organizations and businesses for over 75  years. An organization that prides itself on unrivaled customer service, as well as being a  pioneer in the packaging and paper products industries.  

One of their key business pillars is sustainability. Atlantic Packaging offers the widest sustainable packaging product solutions in the marketplace. Atlantic Packaging’s constant push to innovate and enhance its sustainable product line enables its customers to access the latest in environmentally friendly solutions for a wide variety of packaging options for both online retail or for in-person shopping.  

So how do they do it? Well, that’s a trade secret…but a secret they’re more than willing to share with you! You see, between their many recycling facilities in Canada, the various technological advances they’ve established and pioneered, and the experience and lessons they’ve amassed over the decades, a blog post just wouldn’t do justice to how  Atlantic Packaging can truly help you navigate this new and exciting time in the economy.  

Moving forward, it is with the sustainable packaging product line from Atlantic  Packaging, that can allow businesses and organizations, big or small, to be able to effectively,  efficiently, and ethically meet the upcoming needs and desires of a post-pandemic economy.  

And in the meantime, give us a call, drop us an email, or visit us on LinkedIn…and let’s talk!