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Atlantic receives the Canadian Vendor of The Year Award from Virox Technologies

By December 2, 2021February 17th, 2022No Comments
Atlantic Packaging Vendor Of The Year

Atlantic Packaging is a proud partner of Virox Technologies Inc. and is honored to be the recipient of Virox’s prestigious 2021 Canadian Vendor of the Year.

Virox Technologies – a market leader and innovator in the field of infection prevention and disinfection – started the Canadian Vendor Award Program in 2018 with the objective to recognize the quantifiable measures of supplier performance and reward exceptional performance. This rigorous awards evaluation is a true stamp of approval and an opportunity for suppliers to showcase their high performance and customer satisfaction based on quantitative scores. 

To determine the suppliers’ performance, Virox Technologies carries out an annual Supplier Performance Evaluation and Scorecard Review process designed to quantitatively measure and evaluate supplier performance. The evaluation includes KPIs such as Service Level, Quality, and Customer Service. Virox reviews the scores with each of their suppliers annually and uses this opportunity to recognize the exceptional performance of their top-ranked Canadian and International vendors with the Virox Vendor of the Year Awards.

Atlantic Packaging has been a proud partner of Virox Technologies since 2016 and received top scores across Service Level, Quality, and Customer Service in order to win this prestigious award. In particular, Atlantic Packaging was recognized for its efforts to support Virox Technologies in 2020 and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Atlantic continued to provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service that allowed Virox Technologies to deliver the world’s safest, most effective, and eco-conscious disinfectants in the fight against COVID-19 and other emerging pathogens. 

Atlantic Packaging Vendor Of They Year

Atlantic Packaging is honored to be a long-standing partner with Virox Technologies and the recipient of the prestigious Canadian Vendor of the Year.  We look forward to continued success through 2021 and beyond!

Atlantic Packaging has always believed in making a positive impact. This is reflected in all our daily activities and the actions that we take. Be it providing optimal and sustainable packaging solutions to our clients or be it going the extra mile to satisfy our customer’s requirements. Atlantic is always ready to make the world a better place, we always believe in giving back to the community. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the importance of being there for our community members and helping everyone come out of the pandemic stronger and safer.