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Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd Announces Strategic Partnership with York Container Company

Toronto, Canada, Thursday August 24th, 2017 / – Atlantic Packaging Products, Ltd., of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with York Container Company (YCC) of York, Pennsylvania.  Details and terms of this partnership are not being disclosed.

Stephen Tansey, President and representative of YCC’s shareholders, commented “York Container is committed to growth and providing innovative solutions to our customers.  We have enjoyed robust growth over the past several years, but we believe that in order to take our plans to the next level we need to partner with a like-minded company to expand geographically and extend our capabilities to a broader customer base.  After an evaluation of our various options, we are thrilled to join forces with Atlantic.  This is the best possible outcome for all of our stakeholders, in particular, our customers and employees.”

Irving Granovsky, Chairman of Atlantic Packaging, describes the rationale for this transaction: “Atlantic is always looking for progressive and well-managed companies to team up with.  We feel York Container is a wonderful addition to our partnership portfolio.”

Dave Boles, President of Atlantic, states: “York Container is one of the most respected independent box companies in the United States.  We have worked hard to identify growth-oriented partners in the northern U.S. for several years.  The more we got to know York and their senior executive team, the more we realized that we had two companies with incredibly strong strategic alignment.”

Julian Tolbert, COO at York, added: “It is business as usual for our employees and customers at York Container, only now we have the advantage of having the support of a strategic partner committed to industry-leading innovation and customer service over a broader geographic platform.”

Atlantic’s financial advisor in the transaction was G2 Capital Advisors and York Container Company’s financial advisor was Robert W. Baird & Co.

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About Atlantic Packaging Products, Ltd.

Atlantic Packaging Products, Ltd., is the largest privately-owned integrated corrugated packaging company in Canada.  Atlantic provides customers with a total packaging solution through its key business divisions, which include: Corrugated and Color Packaging, Recycled Paper Mills, Retail Packaging & Displays, Paper Bag Products, Supply &Inventory Management, and Recycling.  Other Atlantic strategic partners include Mitchel-Lincoln based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; The Standfast Group based in Carol Stream, Illinois; Blackhawk Corrugated, based in Carol Stream, Illinois; Skybox Packaging, based in Mansfield, Ohio; and Champion Container Corporation, based in Wood Dale, Illinois. For more information on Atlantic Packaging, please visit

About York Container Company

York Container Company, a private family-owned business founded in 1954, is a leading independent manufacturer of corrugated containers and retail packaging in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, with world-class design, corrugating and converting capabilities, York has earned a reputation as a regional market leader focused on packaging solutions through its industry-leading innovation, quality, service, and differentiated product designs that benefit both brown-box and color-box customers as well as end-market retailers. For more information on York Container Company, please visit


Digital Printing Finds Fit with Craft Brewer Packaging

The unique value proposition provided by digital print technology, continues to change the way marketers approach new product launches. There’s probably no better example of this then within the booming Craft Brewing industry. Here’s a short video that showcases just how digital has become a strategic fit for Collective Arts Brewing.

Atlantic Packaging Announces the Creation of a New Sheet Feeder in the Chicago Region

Toronto, CanadaJanuary 20, 2015 – Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd. (“Atlantic”) today officially announced the creation of a new joint venture (“JV”) sheet feeder located in Carol Stream, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). The new joint venture, BlackHawk Corrugated (“BlackHawk”), will be co-owned and operated by Atlantic and its JV partner StandFast Packaging of Addison, Illinois. Atlantic’s investment in BlackHawk will exceed $40 million and create in excess of 100 new jobs in the region. BlackHawk is expected to be fully operational by late 2015.

“As a privately held company with a strong balance sheet and a history of successfully green fielding our own paper mills and corrugated plants in Canada, Atlantic is prepared to move quickly and offer new JV opportunities to independent box plants across several US regions that will create multiple profit centers for our partners and a clear path to full vertical integration that the traditional sheet feeder models simply cannot support,” said Dave Boles, President at Atlantic. “We are not just looking for sheet supply contracts, but are also seeking to build true partnerships that will thrive and grow with us in the US markets.”

Given the rapid consolidation trends currently occurring in the US and Canadian corrugated packaging markets, Atlantic’s expansion into several competitive US markets is a critical part of its long-term growth strategy. Atlantic has chosen G2 Capital Advisors LLC of Boston, Massachusetts as its exclusive strategic advisor to lead the execution of its US growth initiative. Chicago is the first of several joint venture initiatives that Atlantic is currently in the process of developing across the Midwest and Northeastern regions of the US.

“We have spoken with a significant number of independent box plants located across the Midwest and Northeast and there is clearly an appetite for them to secure their long-term paper supply with a reputable, quality supplier who offers competitive market pricing,” said Jeffrey Unger, CEO at G2 Capital Advisors. “Additionally, those business owners we have spoken to who have a more sophisticated understanding of the markets and a well-defined growth strategy are intrigued by what Atlantic can offer them; a true long-term partnership with an investment model that can expedite and support their growth through multiple profit centers, beyond just sheet supply, in times of economic uncertainty within these markets.”

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About Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd. is the largest privately owned integrated corrugated packaging company in Canada. Atlantic provides customers with a total packaging solution through its key business divisions, which include: Corrugated, Paper Mills, Recycling, Decorative Packaging, Supply Chain, and Flexible Packaging.


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Whitby Paper Mill Adds Jobs Thanks to the Help of Ontario’s IEI Program


Apr 03, 2014

Atlantic Packaging’s Whitby paper mill adds 80 new jobs

Provincial incentive program supports local industrial expansion

WHITBY — Atlantic Packaging is upgrading its Whitby mill to manufacture 100-per cent recycled paper products, creating 80 new jobs in the community.

The enhancements come as a result of the Province’s Industrial Electricity Initiative program, which allows Ontario to better manage its electricity system by encouraging industrial companies to maximize the use of available electricity supply.

“I’ve always felt that good energy policy is good economic policy and I can’t think of a clearer example than the event that we’re celebrating here today,” said Ontario Ministry of Energy Bob Chiarelli after touring the Whitby facility at 1900 Thickson Rd. S. on April 2.

“As one of Ontario’s large energy consumers, Atlantic Packaging is eligible for the Industrial Electricity Program, an initiative designed to maximize our strong electricity system (and) benefit economic development and job creation in Ontario.”

As an eligible company, Atlantic qualifies for significantly reduced electricity rates in exchange for expanding or building new facilities and creating new jobs.

Atlantic Packaging was established in 1945 and functioned as a recycled newsprint mill in the 1990s before being shut down in 2010 due to a decline in demand for newsprint. In 2012, the company launched a project to re-purpose the mill by converting it to produce 100-per cent recycled, lightweight paper used to manufacture high-performance corrugated packaging products.

“As you can imagine, converting a mill of this magnitude required a significant investment on our part and with the help of programs like the Industrial Electricity Incentive program, we’ve been able to create over 100 jobs, contribute to the local economy and keep Atlantic Packaging on the forefront of innovation in North America,” said Irving Granovsky, chairman of Atlantic Packaging.

Helping industrial companies expand and create jobs is part of the government’s economic plan to create jobs for today and tomorrow, added Mr. Chiarelli.

“Our recently initiated IEI program has made it possible for Atlantic to upgrade its Whitby mill to manufacture 100-per cent recycled, lightweight paper products … it’s the first of its kind in North America to create this particular specialty product and create 80 new jobs in the process,” he said.

“The company benefits and the community benefits from the increased employment.”

Reporter Parvaneh Pessian covers the town of Whitby for Metroland Media Group’s Durham Region Division


CHEX channel 12 Durham region news.

Atlantic Packaging Presents Baxter Corporation with Sustainability Award


Baxter Corporation recently visited Atlantic’s New Forest Mill and Midwest Box Plant facilities where they were presented with the Atlantic Sustainability Award.  Baxter has been an Atlantic customer for 30 years and our partnership has never been stronger.

John Stewart, Atlantic Account Executive, had the pleasure of presenting Kay Groen and Neha Maria with Atlantic’s Sustainability Award for Baxter’s environmental stewardship and commitment to using sustainable packaging.

Baxter has made sustainability one of their core initiatives, and has found Atlantic to be the perfect partner who delivers great packaging solutions that are aligned directly with those initiatives.  The award outlines the direct environmental impact that Baxter’s efforts have made over the past five years including the number of total trees saved, greenhouse gas reductions, water saved, energy saved, and waste diverted from landfills.

We at Atlantic Packaging thank Baxter Corporation for their dedication and commitment to sustainability.

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About Atlantic Packaging Products

Atlantic Packaging Products has been in business since 1945. Atlantic’s key business divisions, including Corrugated and Flexible Packaging, Displays (Add Ink), Supply and Inventory Management, Recycling and Mills, provide customers with a total packaging solution.

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Atlantic Packaging Announces Plans to Open First High Performance Lightweight Recycled Paper Mill in North America.

Atlantic's Whitby Mill

Atlantic’s Whitby Mill

Scarborough, Ontario, 11/15/2012 – Atlantic Packaging Products announced today, plans to re-open their Whitby Ontario Mill in March of 2013. The former newsprint mill has been upgraded with technology that will allow Atlantic Packaging to produce 100% recycled lightweight paper used to manufacture high performance corrugated packaging products.

Recycled lightweight paper has been around in Europe for many years. The paper is made using less fiber and is enhanced for strength. The result is a much lighter, stronger and more sustainable product. President of Atlantic Packaging, Dave Boles adds “In North America, the term lightweight has been primarily used in reference to the basis weight of the paper, with little or no emphasis on strength. What we’re talking about is a disruptive technology that is capable of producing low basis weights (lighter paper) with sustainability and strength characteristics unlike anything in corrugated packaging today.” Dave continued, “Sustainability objectives from large retailers are driving the industry forward, and soon Atlantic will be in a position to provide our customers with the most sustainable corrugated packaging option available in North America.”

The Whitby Mill is the 2nd Atlantic paper mill to open in the last 6 years. In 2006 Atlantic opened the New Forest Mill as part of a joint venture with Mitchel-Lincoln, the leading corrugated packaging company in the province of Quebec.

About Atlantic Packaging Products

Atlantic Packaging Products is a vertically integrated packaging products company that has been in business since 1945. Atlantic’s key business divisions including Corrugated and Flexible Packaging, Displays, Supply and Inventory Management, Mills and Recycling, provide customers with a total packaging solution.

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