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Celebrating The 47th Year of Our Leadership Seminar

By November 19, 2021February 17th, 2022No Comments
atlantic leadership

Atlantic is in its 77th year and believes in integrity, respect, and inclusion. For the past 46 years, Atlantic has recognized employees across the organization for various accomplishments during the annual Leadership Seminar. This year’s theme is aptly centered around “Resilience, Leadership, and Change”.

Due to Covid-19 protocol, the event was conducted virtually on Nov 17 with almost 250 participants. Speakers at the event were Dave Boles – President, Sean Weir –Executive Vice President Corrugated North America, Glenn Taylor – Executive Vice President Mills Division.  We also welcomed a very special guest speaker Warren Macdonald who spoke about “Return on Resilience”

The last 12 months have been a roller coaster ride for each employee of Atlantic due to pandemics, malware attacks, supply chain issues across the packaging industry, and the tightest paper market that anyone has witnessed to date. Through all of this Atlantic didn’t just survive but exceeded its goals in every department. These difficult times brought this close-knit family together even more with the team working cross-functionally and focusing on the customer experience more than ever. Innovation and environmental leadership stay at the core of the Atlantic along with a leading-edge technology approach.

With almost 64 nominations across departments under different categories and the remarkable performance that each and every nominated employee has shown made it really tough to select winners of 2021. It was indeed a spectacular event where the success stories of so many employees were shared and recognized.

Some very astute words from Warren Macdonald will be remembered by all “Being in the alignment of having a common goal is the sign of resilience and ability to adapt to overcome the difficult situation is the first step towards leadership”.