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Benefits Of Paper-Based Packaging

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People frequently think of recycled plastic, aluminum, and glass when they think of ecologically responsible packaging. However, paper-based packaging is one of the most environmentally-friendly solutions available, with options beyond what was previously feasible. The advantages of paper-based packaging in all of its forms are discussed below.

Paper packing, often known as paper containers, is a high-efficiency and low-cost solution for moving, carrying, and storing various products. Paper-based packaging is becoming more popular daily, as it is designed to be durable yet lightweight, and it can be customized to fulfill product or customer-specific demands.

Paper-based packaging made from renewable resources will offer us a sustainable, healthy, and safe environment, among other benefits.

Benefits Of Paper-Based Packaging

Manufacturers commonly utilize paper packaging because it offers customers simple storage and practical packaging that is attractive and easy to handle. Furthermore, because it can be made from recycled materials and comes in various forms and sizes, this packaging is extremely environmentally friendly.

Paper-based packaging, often known as paper containers, is more extensively used and accepted than plastic containers for various reasons that benefit both the end-user and the environment.

Multi Usage

Paper packaging may be reused as wrapping paper, fiberboard, and paper bags, among other things. However, plastic bags are non-biodegradable and extremely harmful to the environment. Enhanced paper bags enable the storage of dry items on shelves, preserving the food and shelving.

Bio-based barrier materials might someday replace plastic in many applications, with substantial paper bottles designed for fizzy beverages and milk.

Top Shelf Solution

Brands benefit from the ease and visibility of paper packaging. Aside from that, its benefits include the simplicity with which items may exhibit their distinctive packaging and visuals to communicate a brand’s narrative and, greater product protection

Renewable Resources

Paper recycling mills harvest discarded paper products and boxes and transform them into packaging and other paper-based goods. Another advantage of utilizing paper is that it encourages businesses to grow and preserve trees. For example, Atlantic Packaging saves more than 14 Million trees a year by making 100% recycled paper using old corrugated cartons instead of virgin pulp. Paper can be recycled by up to 7 times allowing us to use the resources over and over without having to rely on new material. Paper also does not cause harm to the environment even when it deteriorates making it a safer alternative.

Wildlife Benefits

If thrown outside, paper bag packaging is unlikely to damage wildlife. In contrast, if consumed or coiled around the neck or limbs of animals, plastic bags can be fatal. Plastic may be mistaken for food by some animals and marine life. Plastic intake by wildlife creates intestinal obstruction, causing them to starve to death. It might take anything from 10 to a thousand years for plastic bags to degrade. Compared to paper bag packaging, which can take up to a month to decompose, it’s evident that switching would significantly influence keeping our animals safe.

High Durability

Paper bag packaging is both eco-friendly and durable. Heavyweights can be carried in corrugated boxes, which can also stand upright. Progressive paper bag packaging will keep the contents fresh. In addition, paper can lock in odors while keeping pests out, making it a good choice for tightly wrapped items like flour and spices.


When choosing a product based on its packaging, customers prefer paper as it gives a more environmentally friendly feel to customers instead of plastic. Retail packaging and corrugated box packaging appeal to two-thirds of customers as people are becoming more conscious about the environment. Customers are more mindful about their purchasing decisions and would like to do their part to preserve the planet. More and more people are turning to reusable and recyclable packaging as compared to alternative packaging materials such as plastic. 

Biodegradable Material

Paper containers are created from renewable materials like paper and paperboard, ensuring that they are environmentally friendly. The basic material, like wood, may be supplied from sustainably managed forests and is easily recyclable and biodegradable by definition. Atlantic has taken preservation a step further by not relying on virgin pulp. We stand for sustainability and ensure the planet is greener by manufacturing 100% recyclable linerboard.

Choose Paper Packaging, Choose Atlantic Packaging

Our mission at Atlantic Packaging is to improve the sustainability index for our partners and nurture the environment. We make recycled paper to ensure a healthy environment for everyone. Furthermore, our paper container provides producers with effective packaging that stands out in the crowd while maintaining the freshness of their products at a low cost.

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