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Corrugated Box Trends: What to Watch Out For in 2021

By June 10, 2021September 29th, 2022No Comments
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When it comes to getting the attention of potential customers, the packaging is key. It also helps deliver the messaging of your brand to existing customers. With brands adopting innovative solutions, it is important to know the trends of Corrugated Packaging to keep your brand up to date and relevant in the market. Atlantic Packaging has been providing total packaging solutions to companies for decades and keeps up with all the latest trends in corrugated packaging as well. Read on to know more. 

Most Popular Corrugated Box Trends in 2021

A Perfect Fit

With the increase in online shopping and booming e-commerce sales, brands are now promoting corrugated boxes that fit perfectly around the product. Amazon especially has driven this trend forward. The boxes are designed according to the product at hand. Special attention has to be paid to the dimensions of the product be it a mobile phone or a laptop. Customers tend to find this packaging very sophisticated and minimalistic adding to the value of the brand. 

Focus on Sustainability

Are corrugated boxes biodegradable?
The answer is a resounding yes! Manufacturers are paying special heed to the sustainability element of production. Boxes being designed today are easy to recycle and are biodegradable so as to not harm the environment in the long run. Boxes are now being produced using polymer-based options that increase their sustainability. It is also helping reduce the usage of protective materials. This goes on to reduce the total waste produced and helps preserve the environment. 

Atlantic Packaging is proud to state that sustainability is one of our core values and we have not cut a single tree in 75 years! Our boxes are biodegradable with minimal damage to the environment. Contact us today to do your part and make your packaging responsible.

Color Blocking

Color blocking has become a rage with brands by featuring distinctive colors. This also includes making use of various textures, along with differences in weight as well as shape. Color blocking in 2021 has a more organic vibe to it as it has a more uneven and unbalanced look as opposed to traditional color blocking which relied on perfect grids and straight lines. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing has also become a huge player and corrugated boxes are quick to adapt to the latest technology. This is helping them meet the demands of the post-print market as well as high-volume liners. With the constant rise in demand for corrugated boxes, the ability to print them digitally has allowed manufacturing to scale and meet the current demand.

Packaging has become an important element to boost brand engagement and improve top-of-the-mind recall. Through digital printing advancements, brands can customize boxes for various products. Atlantic Packaging too provides solutions to meet individual customer needs and this is possible thanks to the latest technological advancements. 

Quirky Graphics

Visualization plays a huge role in catching the attention of users. When the competition is intense, brands go the extra mile to stand out. The latest trend is to use images to convey a story, create animated characters to print on boxes rather than printing a lot of text. The use of cartoonish characters and the use of storytelling definitely comes off as more imaginative and captivating. Corrugated boxes are now being designed in more quirky methods to capture the audience’s interest.

Focus on Typography

With the ongoing pandemic and constant lockdowns, consumers are now on quick errands to buy mostly essential items without wanting to expose themselves for too long. In order to simplify the consumer journey and make their products stand out instantly, brands are working on making their typography clearer on boxes.

This includes working on bolder fonts, color selection, and easy-to-read layouts. Make sure your typography and messaging are easy to read up close and from afar. Your product should stand out quickly so as to help shoppers find what they need to find.

Porous Materials

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, brands are constantly working on packaging to reduce their viral transmission load. Studies show that viruses such as the SARS-2 have the capability and potential to live on plastic and cardboard for up to a full day. Viruses however do have trouble staying on porous surfaces. In order to help prevent the spread of dangerous viruses, companies are incorporating the use of porous materials in their packaging. Paper and cardboard have the lowest potency to spread the virus. 

Reduced Risk to Health

As per studies, SARS-Cov-2 and other viruses can survive on different materials for different times. The virus remains in the aerosols post aerosolization. It can also remain on copper for up to 3 hours and as long as 24 hours on cardboard boxes. At Atlantic, we constantly keep ourselves up to date with the latest studies on virus transmissibility to ensure safe packaging for all parties be it our own employees or consumers. Latest studies show that packages that have been shipped, moved, exposed to various conditions pose a low risk to the spread of viruses such as the COVID-19 strain. The printing and shipping processes further remove the amount of viable, infectious particles needed to infect someone with the virus. 

Copies Aimed at Reassurance

In light of the pandemic, the general morale of the public has greatly reduced as people are more anxious and depressed. In order to gain customer loyalty, brands are working on reassurance messages on their packaging to be able to better resonate with consumers. They want their brand message to be delivered with relevance and be able to placate the customers during hardships. We help deliver the right packaging solutions.

Emotional and psychological marketing has risen in the past few months as brands are sending out positive, uplifting messages on their packaging. Design logos are also being redesigned to boost happiness in their consumer base.

These trends have surely brought in new revolutionary changes in the packaging industry. Contact Atlantic Packaging today to get a customized solution for your packaging problems and end-to-end solutions to leverage the market better. Call us at 1-800-268-5620 today!