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Effective Ways To Reduce Product Printing and Packaging Cost

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.Any company’s packaging has both a utilitarian and promotional purpose. Companies spend a lot of money on packing materials to make them both protective and appealing. When corporations want to save expenses, the first thing they think about is what product design improvements may be done to save money. Many people underestimate the possibility of improving the product’s package design. Enhancing and optimizing product printing and packaging design may save a business a lot of money while simultaneously improving product protection and lowering its carbon impact. The packaging sector is currently flooded with innovations that can assist companies in identifying more cost-effective packaging choices, hence reducing product printing and packaging costs. Through effective management of packaging and printing costs, you can save your business a good amount of money. Read on to know how you can reduce printing and packaging costs!

Effective Ways To Reduce Product Printing and Packaging Cost

Minimizing printing and packaging costs is a good aim, however, because the box physically reflects your company, it’s critical to consider its quality. The idea is to conserve money and make the most of the budget you have, and not to cut corners to the point where the product becomes damaged and the printing looks cheap.

Here are sure-fire strategies to save money on product printing and packaging:

Prioritize Research and Development

The product printing and packaging do not have to be the same for everyone. It’s critical to set aside time to conduct extensive studies on the latest technologies and alternatives available in the packaging sector. Choose from various design and material options and put them to the test. In the long term, a little more time spent on R&D may save years and years of wasted money. Additionally, this reduces the danger of over-packaging or the use of techniques that require excessive labor or resources. At Atlantic, we always aim to provide the most cost-effective yet viable solution for your packaging that meets all your demands. Our boxes are thoroughly tested in the laboratories and we conduct extensive tests to provide you with a packaging solution that caters specifically to your product.

Redesign Packaging

It’s just as crucial to upgrade the packaging for older items as it is to give yourself time to optimize packaging for a new product when it comes to cutting expenses. As new packaging technologies and products become available, previously designed items can be modified to lower package costs. Several well-known corporations have cut their packaging costs by simply altering the design to lower the number of materials utilized. Companies can reduce resources by eliminating labels and printing directly on the packaging, as well as changing the design of the container to increase packing density.

Stick to a single product printing and packaging vendor

Having a single package provider for all of your materials—whether it’s a box, paper bag, wrapping paper, or postcard—ensures more savings and lower unit costs. When ordering in bulk, larger quantities are usually less expensive per item. It is one approach to cut your package expenses without having to haggle with many suppliers. Atlantic Packaging deals with the demand and supply of various industries and is well versed to handle a variety of innovative corrugated packaging designs be it corrugated boxes or paper bags. We also cater to high-quality and high-definition printing options to provide total packaging solutions so you never have to look for another vendor. 

Automated Packaging

In the product printing and packaging sector, there are a variety of automated packaging solutions available that are aimed to speed up the packaging process while also freeing up humans to accomplish other activities and lowering expenses. For example, where manual stretch wrapping a pallet may need two persons, automating the process can greatly boost productivity and speed of output. Companies may significantly reduce their packing costs in this way. Companies can use the extra workforce in other critical activities by automating the packing process. It would aid in the company’s overall efficiency improvement. 

Stuff Several Objects Into A Single Box

Unique forms and sizes will necessitate a custom design. A void filler may appear to safeguard your goods from external damage, but it’s a waste of money and space. Consider bespoke inserts that are made to fit the contour of your product. It saves space while also ensuring the item’s safety throughout transportation. Larger boxes allow for the creation of an insert that can accommodate a variety of goods. In this manner, you conserve space while simultaneously displaying the contents tastefully.

Digital Printing

Switching from traditional to digital fprinting will significantly cut total package costs. Companies will need to buy significant quantities of packaging material if they use traditional printing processes. Short to medium-runs, on the other hand, are a more cost-effective solution for certain product lines thanks to digital printing. As a result, corporations may drastically reduce their product printing and packaging costs by using digital printing processes.

Why Product Packaging Matters To Your Business?

Most company owners may not think twice about packing. They may believe there are no significant cost reductions to be obtained.

It’s simply cardboard and styrofoam, after all.

However, product printing and packing have a significant impact on prices across the supply chain. This is particularly true for e-commerce enterprises that deal with numerous goods.

You can fit more items in trucks, warehouses, and shipping containers. All this by making a relatively slight reduction in size or form. More efficient packaging minimizes your carbon footprint and makes shipping and delivery more environmentally friendly.

A little increase in packaging efficiency can have a big impact on your shipping and handling costs across the supply chain.

Reduce Product Printing and Packaging Cost With Atlantic Packaging

By evaluating your packaging supply chain, you may save a lot of money. The more you look, the easier it will be to reduce your product printing and packing costs. It is crucial to realize though, that there’s a thin line between cost-cutting and saving money. The former is what you’re pursuing, but the latter ends up being more expensive in the long term. Quality packaging materials can allow you to save money on packing materials and invest it elsewhere in your company. Contact Atlantic Packaging today at 800-268-5620 to fulfill your packaging needs.