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Reasons To Invest In Custom Product Packaging Design For Your Business

By December 10, 2021January 3rd, 2022No Comments
custom product packaging

While product quality is key to maintaining a good brand image and having outstanding customer relationships, one cannot deny the role and influence of good packaging. Investing in custom packaging helps businesses stand out from the competition as it conveys value to customers by showing innovation and differentiation. Whether you work in an online space, own a brick and mortar store, or handle omnichannel retail, good packaging plays a role in each category helping achieve a lot for your business. Investing in custom packaging can also help your business save time and money proving to be beneficial from a cost perspective. We have listed the undeniable benefits of opting for custom packaging for your business.

Reasons To Invest In Custom Product Packaging Design


It is feasible for your company to save a lot of money by employing bespoke packaging boxes. One of the most difficult obstacles a company faces is saving money. You will confront various problems while obtaining conventional box sizes from a supplier in order to proceed with your deliveries. The biggest issue or challenge you’ll have to deal with is that they won’t be in the correct size. Because you need to make sure your product fits precisely, you want the boxes to be in an appropriate size. You’ll have to spend a lot of money on packaging materials if the boxes are not aptly designed for the product. If you don’t pay attention to this element, you’ll end up causing damage to the products you’re sending out to clients. This can result in a damaged consumer reputation.

It is a sensible decision to instead invest in custom packaging. At Atlantic, our design team will thoroughly understand your packaging requirements and will design the packaging unique to your brand and product. We will also ask for a product prototype so as to design the box that performs perfectly for the product at hand. If you have multiple products, we can customize boxes as per each product’s individual dimensions. This will greatly help reduce packaging costs in the long run and will keep products safe during shipping and transportation. 

Availability of Variety

You can create customized packaging regardless of the specific type of product you’re selling in the market. At Atlantic, we are well versed in understanding packaging requirements for various products as we cater to a variety of industries. If your product is oddly-shaped, you have all the more reason to get a custom-made box for the product. Using a standardized box is not advisable even if you invest in packaging material to act as a buffer. Such boxes will never be able to add any positive element to your packaging. If your products are heavier, we recommend customized packaging as a viable solution. 

With customized packaging, you never have to worry about the damages your product may sustain during transit as all the factors are kept in mind when designing the boxes. Our specialized team curates boxes with precision and thorough testing. By providing a positive delivery experience, you are better off at enjoying the perks of a positive customer experience. 

Improving Customer Experience

In today’s cut-throat world, standing out is the only way to determine success. When customers are looking at purchasing a product, first impressions matter. Your box and packaging is the first thing a customer notices and if that fails to make an impact, the customer will move on to your competitor. Custom packaging that speaks to customers, assures them that they’ve made the right purchasing decision. Your packaging helps add value to the product your customer is purchasing. Through innovative packaging, you help customers perceive a higher value of your product offering. A customized packaged product enhances the customers unboxing experience as they feel they have purchased a high-value product. The packaging acts as the differentiator between your product and the competitors. 

Building Brand Awareness

Business is all about brand perception. In today’s age of social media and influencer marketing, your branding plays a huge role in how powerful your product is considered in the market. By building a strong brand, you enhance your customer base over time. This is where custom packaging comes in to provide your product an edge over your competitors. Generic cardboard boxes cannot be used for brand positioning as they do nothing to help your product make an impact. 

Few businesses have reached a point where just printing the brand logo is enough as the brand is identifiable enough. However, if you want to enjoy a good brand presence, it is recommended that your packaging carry not just the logo but the brand colors and the fonts as well. When the box is visualized by the customer, they should know they’re looking at your brand and product offering. Packaging that shows off the brand well comes across as trustworthy and promising. Over time with improved brand recognition, you can reap the benefits of higher returns through a loyal customer base that supports your brand.

Boost Sales

Your packaging can also help boost sales if it is done right. As mentioned above, your packaging is what makes the first impression on a customer’s mind. Assume a scenario where the customer is unaware and cannot differentiate between your product and the competitors. He wants to purchase the product but does not know which company to go for. This is where he will compare the packaging – the overall appeal, appearance, color, fonts, the product description on the packaging. All of this will allow him to make the decision and this is where you can gain an edge over competitors by offering stunning packaging that is hard to miss. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Customers are constantly bombarded with the messaging of preservation and sustainability and people are making more eco-conscious choices. In today’s age where sustainability is no longer an option but a need of the hour, your business can make a positive impact on the environment by opting for sustainable packaging. At Atlantic, all our boxes are produced using 100% recyclable materials. We reuse old boxes to create new ones and do not rely on virgin pulp which is obtained by cutting fresh trees. We save approximately 14 million trees annually in the process. When you position your brand as eco-friendly it benefits the environment. It also creates a positive brand image in the mind of your consumers. As customers are steadily shifting to eco-conscious choices, this surely adds to your brand value and offering.

Atlantic Packaging – Your Choice of Packaging Partner

Atlantic Packaging has been a pioneer in sustainable packaging offering stunning customizable packaging designs to businesses large and small. Our design team is well versed in understanding the dynamics and nuances of custom packaging and we can collaborate with your business to create packaging that stands out and makes an impact. Our will our packaging solutions help you boost sales. They will also help you take a positive step towards preserving the environment. Contact us at 1800-268-5620 today and we will be happy to help you with your packaging requirements.