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The Best Method To Use When Printing On Corrugated Packaging Boxes

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Corrugated boxes are preferred for packing because of their durability, strength, affordability, and eco-friendliness. The layers of corrugated sheets make corrugated boxes that can be single, double, or multiple. You’re on the right track if you aim to stand out from the competition by printing striking graphics on corrugated packaging boxes. Having your packaging stand out amid a sea of uninspiring cardboard boxes is always a good idea. 

There are various purposes for printing on corrugated boxes and cartons. The primary goal of printing on corrugated boxes is identification, but there are many other considerations for health and safety, legality, brand consistency and uniformity, and sales presentation. 

However, the alternatives for printing onto corrugated boxes are rather varied. Follow along to discover more about each approach and how to select the one that’s best for you:

Techniques For Printing On Corrugated Boxes

Direct printing and pre-printing are the two primary techniques.

Direct printing: It is commonly called “post printing,” which involves applying ink directly to the corrugated box. It is the most typical technique for printing on corrugated.

Pre-Printing: When printing directly on corrugated board, it can be challenging to achieve excellent quality printing (unlike when directly printing on, for instance, paperboard used for folding cartons, which can yield stunning results). Print the design on a sheet of paper to achieve stunning-looking graphics, then glue it to the corrugated box.

There are many ways to accomplish this: 

Flexography Printing Method 

The most common printing method is flexography. Due to its adaptability and swift turn-around time, this printing style is one of the most popular for corrugated boxes. It functions like printing on corrugated material utilizing a premium polymer plate. For each distinct colour, plates are created with a unique design. The designs are then printed one at a time on these plates using enormous, revolving cylinders, finally completing the entire design.

Digital Printing

This choice is cost-efficient, functional, and satisfies the needs of practically everyone when it comes to printing on corrugated. Digital printing does not require costly stiff plates. Because it is quick, simple to set up, and still produces high-quality results, digital printing is perfect for short-run or test packaging. Nevertheless, because of its low cost, it is also beneficial for lengthy or large-scale undertakings.

Digital printing also gives you more freedom regarding the colours you can use. In the long run, digital printing will only benefit you because it allows you to play with designs and tailor your packaging boxes to the needs of customers. In addition, with this type of printing, you have so much versatility that you can try out various styles and designs without being concerned about losing time or resources.

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is the other alternative for printing on corrugated boxes. It is also known as offset printing or litho-lamination. 

Like flexographic printing, the lithographic printing process divides a design into numerous plates, each used to print a distinct colour from the pattern. However, Lithographic printing also uses a unique plate that essentially repels ink from particular places that are supposed to be left blank. Following this procedure, the finished product will have precise, clean lines rather than blotches of ink that might have accidentally transferred from other plates along the route. 

Instead of printing directly onto the corrugated board, lithographic printing is typically done using litho labels. After that, the brands adhered to the corrugated sheet’s exterior. Along with flexographic printing, lithographic printing can also be used on a smaller label.

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