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Retail Packaging

Tips To Choose The Best Custom Packaging

By December 22, 2022January 10th, 2023No Comments
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Custom retail packaging will make your products stand out from the crowd and will protect products  from any potential damages. Custom retail packaging can also influence how customers act and perceive products, and in many cases, also offer environmental benefits by how the packaging is produced. This can further help sell your products to customers who care about sustainability and can even be an additional marketing feature.

What does your Packaging say About your Company and Products?

The first thing potential customers notice in many situations is the packaging. In order to create and maintain a great first impression, it is therefore important that your custom retail packaging conveys the correct message about your company and products.

When presented with a box of poor quality, and one of high quality, we automatically assume that the more expensive box would also contain a more expensive product inside. Therefore it is important to consider the quality of the custom retail packaging to maximize profits and entice as many customers to buy your products as possible.

Whether your company sells your products directly or uses retailers and stores for the actual sales to customers, making sure the packaging is designed correctly and sends the right signals can go a long way in making customers remember your brand, select your products instead of the competitors, and more.

How to Create the Best Possible Custom Retail Packaging Designs?

If your company sells toys for kids, the packaging should reflect happy and colourful imagery that appeals to children and lets grown-ups buying the toys know what to expect. 

Custom designs on retail packaging are crucial to sending the right signals. A boring brown box will not entice many buyers, but a box with your logo, branding colours and marketing text that explains and sells the contents will stand a much better chance of being chosen.

Similarly, the materials also make a big difference. While plastic is highly durable, it is considered wasteful and can harm sales in modern times. Boxes and packaging made from paper are more tactile and better for the environment, as production requires fewer pollutants, and paper boxes can be broken down by nature in a short time, compared to plastic, which can last for hundreds of years.

Consider Transportation and Shipping Methods

Many retail products are being shipped across Canada to reach their local stores before being put on display. Wrinkled boxes with visible damage will automatically signal a lower quality to customers. Many will not even consider buying a product if the packaging is damaged or showing signs of wear and tear.

Many people wrongly assume that most boxes are made of cardboard. However, while there are many packaging types around, there are also a great number of corrugated boxes that look similar to the untrained eye but offer much better protection, as they are sturdier and made of several layers compared to the more simple cardboard boxes.

We recommend going for corrugated boxes if you are shipping your products. This will ensure a pristine package once on the shelves in the stores and ties neatly into our next point: being environmentally friendly. 

Doing your Part for the Environment

If your company champions environmental values, it is crucial to consider a sustainable packaging arrangement. But even if you are not particularly marketing your products as eco-friendly, it can still be a great way to add an extra layer of interest to your packaging. It is a great idea to use environmentally friendly custom retail packaging for your company to become greener. It can also help with other issues, such as allergies to plastic or metals, and even future legislation.

Canada has an official policy that aims to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030, which means the Canadian Government already severely limits plastic packaging. Experts have been talking about the possibility of the Government extending this to other areas as well, so by being at the forefront of sustainability, you can safeguard your company against any future legislation.

Eco-friendly packaging also has another hidden advantage in that they are often less expensive than the more processed and manufactured products. This is logical when you think about it since they have not been filled with chemicals or plastics. And unlike organic fruit or vegetables, it does not cost more to produce these products since this type has no disadvantages during the manufacturing process.

Finally, if your company is considering raising capital through investments, business grants, or other avenues, being able to tell potential financial partners that your company is green and sustainable can be the deciding factor that makes your company the one to receive the extra capital.

By choosing a professional packaging company, you can sell more products for a higher price and make your customers happier. If you are ready to take the next step, consider contacting us or give us a ring on  800.268.5620 to hear what solutions we can offer your company and products.