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Ultimate Guide to Packaging Your Product for Retail (2021)

By July 10, 2021September 15th, 2021No Comments
Retail Packaging products

In business, the goal is to create a product that sells itself but what if the answer to increasing sales is the manner in which the package is sold? In recent times, the demand for unique custom packaging products has been increasing. The total market value is expected to grow by $61.55 billion by 2025. As the retail industry picks up speed, plenty of people are spending their free time indulging in online shopping.

If you’re wondering why your products may not be flying off the shelf, it could be due to your outdated packaging or promotional styles. This can be a costly mistake for your products, if not mended to meet retail standards of packaging.

At Atlantic Packaging, we’ve combined tips for success to make your overall packaging meet CFIA and Health Canada compliance, UPCs for retail items, and overall packaging design. Before we begin, keep these questions in mind:

  • Who is looking to purchase your item?
  • What makes your product unique next to competitors?
  • Ideally, will you hire a private label manufacturer, hire professional custom packaging services or do you have what it takes to manufacture it on your own?
  • What is the rate at which you’re looking to have this product manufactured and executed?

Package Rundown for Success

Branded retail packaging consists of wrapping the product to measuring and designing the container in which it’ll be placed. Initially, the purpose of packaging was to protect the product while reaching its marked destination. However now, many retailers are creating an entire packaging experience for customers to feel connected to the brand.

Brand packaging is a sophisticated manner of placing products into shipping packages. It’s important to realize that presentation adds value to your customer and your business status. Creating a memorable first impression of your brand creates a personal connection which people are enthusiastic to share.

While not every business is able to offer high-end packaging to their customers, you can include your own version of brand packaging at a cost-effective price range. Check out Atlantic Packaging for available </a href=””>retail packaging styles to reach customers’ interests!

The Complete Package Overview

Now that we’re clear on the overall retail packaging styles, let’s take a closer look at product packaging styles. There are three types of traditional packaging for consumers, it begins with primary, secondary, and tertiary. You can talk to our sales team at Atlantic as we provide boxing solutions to businesses with varying needs and demands.

  • Primary Packaging: The type of packaging that is placed in-store, where consumers come in direct contact with it and purchase. If your product is being sold in stores, the initial contact would be with the glass jars.
  • Secondary Packaging: Secondary packaging helps display the brand and the product better. It is the packaging around a group of products sold as multiple components. An example of this could be a box of 12 packs of juice.
  • Tertiary Packaging: The LARGEST size of packaging includes shipped to the store, with pallets or shrink wrap. This is the bulk order transported from point A to B.

For utility-focused packaging, there are 4 types: corrugated boxes, padded mailers, paper bags, and custom-style personalized packaging.

  1. Corrugated Boxes:These are the most common packaging styles used by sellers. The boxes are extremely sturdy, don’t add extra weight to your package, and are recyclable.
  2. Padded mailers:Best-sellers for shipping small lightweight packages for delicate jewelry, books, or electronic objects. This is best packaged with recyclable paper for extra protection.
  3. Paper bags:Easily customizable to fit a variety of formats for carry-outs, bakery bags, lunch bags, and hardware bags. Take the zero-waste route, swipe to see what Atlantic Packaging has to offer from their paper bag product gallery.
  4. Custom Personalized Packaging:Get innovative designs and custom creations with personalized retail packaging. Atlantic Packaging has a dedicated sales team to address your personalized concerns and provide packaging solutions to suit your agenda. Form a connection using one-of-a-kind brand awareness with unique packaging and create a satisfying experience for customers to share.

There are safety standards for packaging materials, the containers in which food items are shipped need to be regulated. Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) intend to make sure manufacturers and suppliers of food packaging materials are cautious of the items they are merchandising.

Launching Your Packaging

The influence of e-commerce on the packaging industry has led to a rise in online sale purchases. Brands will have to evaluate their product packaging to adapt to the needs of the consumer. Adaptable solutions need to be developed to meet existing sizing standards. Consider brand loyalty, people are invested in the experience of holding and opening a package. If the logistics behind the package do not match the product sizing, the experience is lowered. Using package-ready boxes for bulk transportation is versatile, this often reduces time on shipment, making the product arrive at your customers in the best possible time frame and condition.

Understanding how UPCs barcodes work is crucial to making the product relevant. The UPC barcodes are required on the packaging label of retail products. During the time of sale, the cashier scans this barcode which is connected to the computer which determines the price of the item. UPCs allow stores to name their own prices for products.

Here are some tips to ensure your package is ready for shipment. Be sure to place together an original brand identity and color scheme for custome
rs to easily recognize your brand when shared on social media stories or posts.

Upscale your packaging designs with:

  • Boxes
  • Tissues
  • Stickers
  • Retail Ready

Packages You Can’t Forget

Use this time to reassess your business’s packaging style. It may be time for a remodel plan. Before entering the market with your product, consider your average order size, evaluate your profit margin and see how you can offer a better customer unboxing experience.

With more brands and innovative packaging coming into the foray, retailers will need to convert their packages to meet the demands of the market and keep pace with competitors. This goes to show the emphasis on selective packaging and distribution, the two most important factors to meeting your customers’ satisfaction and growing your brand’s online delivery reputation. Businesses of all sizes need to ensure that their packaging does more than secure their product – their packaging also needs to market their products! Play your part and use sustainable packaging products from Atlantic Packaging – check out our website here!

You can also reach out to us at (800) 268-5620. If you need proper feedback on which packaging initiative or printing is right for making the next sale for your business.