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Undeniable Benefits of Using Corrugated Carton Packaging

By July 27, 2021September 26th, 2022No Comments
Undeniable Benefits of Using Corrugated Carton Packaging

Businesses the world over are being asked to be more responsible in their day-to-day activities and actions. Every activity should be scrutinized based on its environmental impact and packaging is no different. Brands are waking up to the realization that they need to reduce their carbon footprint and want eco-smart options in their shipping options as well. Corrugated Packaging is one of the most demanded packaging solutions as it is lightweight and low-cost making it perfect for shipping.

With brands turning to more sustainable packaging, Atlantic Packaging is right at the heart of their packaging and shipping operations. Atlantic Packaging has been supplying corrugated packaging to brands across Canada and the US. Corrugated cartons are extremely versatile and 100% recyclable making them the savior of the hour in terms of environmental footprints. Corrugated packaging comes with tremendous benefits. Read on below why your business should opt for corrugated packaging solutions.

Undeniable Benefits of Using Corrugated Carton Packaging

Highly Customizable

Brands have varying needs and there is no “one box that fits all” solution in packaging. The sales and design team at Atlantic Packaging takes special care to design and customize corrugated cartons to suit your personalized shipping needs. It is easy to adjust the thickness of the carton to suit the product at hand. Corrugated cartons can be treated with various adhesives, inks, and coatings and can also be made flame-resistant which is a huge advantage. Corrugated cartons can be folded to fit products of any size making them perfect for various brands. The printing options for corrugated cartons are also easily customizable.


Corrugated carton cartons are one of the most cost-effective packaging options available. They are not labor-intensive and do not require costly tools to manufacture. They can easily be manufactured in bulk through a mechanized setup and require very little human intervention thereby reducing labor costs.


Sustainability is synonymous with Atlantic Packaging. The corrugated cartons provided by us are 100% recyclable and are produced from waste materials and discarded cartons. We do not use any virgin pulp to produce our cartons. It has allowed us to save over 14 million trees every year through our initiatives. We are proud to be making other businesses more conscious of their duty towards the environment and are helping them reduce their carbon footprint as well. Through corrugated packaging, businesses can take advantage of customizable packaging which also preserves the environment and helps them rank high on the sustainability index.


Apart from being easily recyclable, corrugated packaging is also easy to reuse. This further helps reduce packaging costs and preserves the environment. The cartons are designed in a way to be fully collapsible making them perfect for being reused. They are durable, sturdy, and solid and can be used again for a variety of products. Consumers too can reuse them to store away clothes, documents, etc. When consumers throw away their cartons, Atlantic happily takes them back to be reused as raw material for new cartons. This allows us to have a fully integrated manufacturing cycle that helps keep the environment intact.

Branding Advantages

Corrugated cartons being easily customizable are great for brands that want a certain image and message to be associated with their company. It helps boost brand awareness when brands opt for customized cartons. Through customized cartons, brands can directly speak to their customers and stand out from competitors. With high-print options for retail packaging available with Atlantic, you can brand your cartons and products as per your requirements giving you a great advantage over competitors.

Easy Transportation and Protection

As brands are now choosing packaging that fits the shape of the product, they are cutting down on using the amount of material used per carton. With little space being wasted, cartons offer strong, sturdy protection to the contents inside the carton. It is also easy to stack and transport them and products remain safe even during long hauls. The great advantage here is that the carton is not only strong but also extremely lightweight making transportation easier. As cartons can be stacked easily, you require a smaller fleet to deliver cartons thereby further reducing your carbon footprint and overall emissions.

Atlantic Packaging is a proud producer of sustainable corrugated packaging for its clients. We are making a positive difference not just through our packaging initiatives but by helping our partners and clients become more conscious and sustainable as well. Contact us at 800-268-5620 for any packaging or printing requirements and we’ll be happy to help!