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What Benefits of Corrugated Boxes make it an Excellent Packaging Choice?

By May 24, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments

What are Corrugated Boxes?

One of the most used packaging and transportation materials is corrugated boxes. These boxes are adaptable, provide a sturdy cushion, are affordable, and keep moisture away from the things they hold. In addition, they are simple to build and do not require hard effort or expensive tools due to their architectural structure.


Many companies and businesses prefer corrugated package design as a packaging material. It can support a wide variety of weights, keep moisture out, and provide long-term packaging options. In addition, the corrugated package design is adaptable and inexpensive. So let’s go further into the realm of corrugated package design.

Fluting is an arching paper used to make corrugated boxes. It’s a relatively high-tech approach that makes use of sophisticated computer design and production processes. A corrugated package design is a perfect choice for many packaging designers because of this design.


The corrugated boxes pleated fluting isn’t just for show. Its structure was created with durability and strength in mind. The center layer alternately contacts the outer and inner layers, assisting the box in maintaining its form and making it more difficult to crush or break. In addition, a corrugated box protects sensitive goods inside by cushioning and shielding them from damage since it is sturdy and keeps its form effectively. This is especially critical if a product will be transported across long distances and handled several times.

A corrugated box protects your items from more than simply force damage. By repelling moisture, it is supposed to inhibit bacterial development. It is critical if the contents will be stored over an extended period or if they are particularly vulnerable to damage. Food goods, for example, may degrade if exposed to germs, but corrugated cartons may help keep them fresh even if delivery delays are considerable.

Protective Packaging

Corrugated boxes’ structurally solid shape provides excellent cushioning for any product, keeping it safe during long-distance travel and continuous shipping and handling. At the same time, most corrugated boxes have one layer of fluting between two liners. The size and thickness of corrugated boxes can vary depending on the degree of protection and durability necessary. Glass objects, electrical gadgets, and chemical liquids, for example, are kept safe and secure in corrugated packaging. The tear resistance of the corrugated material keeps the packaging intact and protects the items from exposure. Corrugated package design guards against moisture and preserves foods from rotting during transportation for commodities like food products that must resist extended shipping durations and remain fresh upon delivery.


Another significant benefit of corrugated packing is that it is recyclable. It has several advantages for customers because it is simple to dispose of and does not require special treatment. Most municipalities will accept corrugated boxes as part of their recycling collection program, and there are several locations to recycle boxes around Canada.

Furthermore, it may be produced from recyclable materials. For example, at Atlantic Packaging, all boxes are manufactured entirely of recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of their useful lives.


Corrugated packaging is incredibly long-lasting and provides stability and cushioning for nearly any product. It is useful when things are sent over long distances and handled by warehouse and fulfillment staff. In addition, corrugated package design performs an excellent job of wicking moisture away from items. The Atlantic packaging team uses corrugated boxes for food packaging.


Corrugated boxes may be used to make various things in various shapes and sizes. Corrugated packing can have several applications or take on previously unimaginable shapes.

On certain occasions, manufacturers have designed corrugated packaging to have a secondary function. It extends the product’s life and demonstrates the brand’s dedication to reducing waste. Clothing firms, for example, may utilize corrugated packaging that can be converted into clothing hangers, offering consumers a second purpose for their package.

Because of its adaptability, you may package various items using the same material. Atlantic Packaging, for example, offers the perfect size and allows you to get the correct box for your product and save waste.


If you’re worried about avoiding polluting the environment, corrugated package design is a sustainable packaging alternative to consider. Because of the durability and adaptability of corrugated boxes, end users may and do reuse them for various purposes. In addition, corrugated boxes are recyclable, and the majority of them are comprised of recycled materials.

A corrugated box will not affect the environment if it ends up in a landfill for any reason. This is because corrugated boxes are biodegradable, which means they will degrade in the landfill over time, leaving no evidence of their prior existence. Plastic containers, on the other hand, either lie in a landfill permanently or continue to break down into smaller pieces without biodegrading.


It’s completely customized, from the packaging’s side or breadth to the promotional printing on the outside. A benefit of this flexibility is the opportunity to design your product’s packaging such that it is “right-sized” to fit the product. When shipping, a corrugated package design that eliminates waste will help you cut your carbon emissions. It can also aid warehouse storage by reducing the amount of wasted space.


If you manufacture or carry big goods, you don’t want to add to their weight and transportation costs by putting them in hefty packaging, right? The corrugated package design is excellent in this situation since it is both sturdy and lightweight. They’re also quite handy for consumers, especially if they’re not charged extra for delivery and don’t have to compromise on the safety of their items.

Make Excellent Packaging Choice With Atlantic Packaging!

Speak to the specialists at Atlantic Packaging if you’re looking for a suitable material for your packaging needs. Atlantic Packaging has a wide range of recyclable and adaptable packaging options. Atlantic Packaging can help you find a unique packaging solution that fits all of your demands, from ordinary boxes to customized packing solutions. We also work with a wide range of businesses, providing cost-effective solutions for both small and large corporations.

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