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Whitby Paper Mill Adds Jobs Thanks to the Help of Ontario’s IEI Program

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Apr 03, 2014

Atlantic Packaging’s Whitby paper mill adds 80 new jobs

Provincial incentive program supports local industrial expansion

WHITBY — Atlantic Packaging is upgrading its Whitby mill to manufacture 100-per cent recycled paper products, creating 80 new jobs in the community.

The enhancements come as a result of the Province’s Industrial Electricity Initiative program, which allows Ontario to better manage its electricity system by encouraging industrial companies to maximize the use of available electricity supply.

“I’ve always felt that good energy policy is good economic policy and I can’t think of a clearer example than the event that we’re celebrating here today,” said Ontario Ministry of Energy Bob Chiarelli after touring the Whitby facility at 1900 Thickson Rd. S. on April 2.

“As one of Ontario’s large energy consumers, Atlantic Packaging is eligible for the Industrial Electricity Program, an initiative designed to maximize our strong electricity system (and) benefit economic development and job creation in Ontario.”

As an eligible company, Atlantic qualifies for significantly reduced electricity rates in exchange for expanding or building new facilities and creating new jobs.

Atlantic Packaging was established in 1945 and functioned as a recycled newsprint mill in the 1990s before being shut down in 2010 due to a decline in demand for newsprint. In 2012, the company launched a project to re-purpose the mill by converting it to produce 100-per cent recycled, lightweight paper used to manufacture high-performance corrugated packaging products.

“As you can imagine, converting a mill of this magnitude required a significant investment on our part and with the help of programs like the Industrial Electricity Incentive program, we’ve been able to create over 100 jobs, contribute to the local economy and keep Atlantic Packaging on the forefront of innovation in North America,” said Irving Granovsky, chairman of Atlantic Packaging.

Helping industrial companies expand and create jobs is part of the government’s economic plan to create jobs for today and tomorrow, added Mr. Chiarelli.

“Our recently initiated IEI program has made it possible for Atlantic to upgrade its Whitby mill to manufacture 100-per cent recycled, lightweight paper products … it’s the first of its kind in North America to create this particular specialty product and create 80 new jobs in the process,” he said.

“The company benefits and the community benefits from the increased employment.”

Reporter Parvaneh Pessian covers the town of Whitby for Metroland Media Group’s Durham Region Division


CHEX channel 12 Durham region news.