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Why are Companies Shifting to Green Packaging?

By April 21, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments
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What Is Green Box Packaging?

Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging, employs materials and production processes to decrease energy consumption and reduce the detrimental effects of the packaging on the environment. 

Green packaging refers to the use of reusable, biodegradable, or compostable materials to wrap, pack, and distribute items. It can also relate to pollution-reducing recycling and manufacturing practices.

It is a low-cost solution that reduces the use of waste material and maximizes the use of sustainable and greener materials. According to EPA, packaging waste can fill up landfills by almost a third but through green box packaging, this can be tackled. 

Why are Companies Shifting to Green Packaging?

Nowadays, most businesses attempt to go green with their green box packaging. One advantage of choosing eco-friendly packaging is that it helps the environment. Traditional packing materials such as plastic, paper, and cardboard consume a significant amount of energy, necessitating the usage of ecologically friendly techniques. Typically, energy is obtained from fossil fuels, which emit millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. At the same time, the waste packing material is disposed of in landfills or aquatic bodies. It is harmful to the environment at every step. This is where eco-friendly packaging comes in as a more sustainable option.

What Makes Packaging Environmentally Friendly?

Several characteristics can help decide if the packaging is environmentally friendly. Each of these features can provide considerable benefits to the businesses that use them.

A Greater Awareness of Environmental Issues

The most visible aspect of sustainable packaging is environmental protection. This packaging, whether in the shape of crates or boxes, is typically created from recycled, biodegradable materials, reducing the waste of natural resources. Furthermore, the production process is more efficient, lowering the consumption of essential resources and lessening the negative environmental effect on the company.

High Resistance

More vital, more rigid materials can help you save money by lowering the number of materials you need while reducing damage and waste. They also allow for smaller, more compact packaging without compromising protection.


With lighter protective packaging, transportation and distribution are more efficient, resulting in significant cost savings. With millions of tonnes of packing material used every year, a few grams less in each box can make a substantial difference in the long run.

Use Green Box Packaging To Boost Your Brand’s Reputation

A company’s brand image can be improved by switching to ecologically friendly packaging. Customers regard a firm as responsible and concerned about the environment when they hear that it uses sustainable materials which positively impacts its sustainability index. To put it another way, the firm will be able to keep and attract more customers than it otherwise would with a positive image in the minds of its customers. Increased profitability may be a result of a better brand image.

Furthermore, many corporations prefer to form exclusive agreements with enterprises that encourage long-term sustainability.

How Can Green Box Packaging Benefit Your Business?

Eco-friendly green box packaging is a relatively new concept rapidly gaining popularity. Switching to green materials might help you meet or anticipate your clients’ needs for environmentally friendly services. One of your tasks as a business is to choose the best packaging for transporting your items. Cost, materials, size, and other factors must be considered while selecting the proper packaging. One of the most recent trends is using ecologically friendly packaging materials, such as the sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly items that Atlantic Packaging offers. We are glad to provide you with a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly packaging materials, supplies, and equipment to meet any of your shipping and packaging requirements.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The most apparent advantage of eco-friendly packaging is that it helps safeguard the environment. Green box packaging is typically composed of recycled materials, reducing the waste of natural resources in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the production process is more efficient, saving even more resources and reducing the harmful impact enterprises have on the environment.


Green box packaging provides long-term benefits, even after it has been used for shipping, and decreases your carbon footprint and environmental impact. In addition, because these alternative sustainable materials are biodegradable and recyclable, their environmental effect is negligible.


Sustainable packaging is incredibly adaptable, and it can be found in every significant business that employs ordinary packaging and benefits the environment from start to finish. So whether you’re packaging cosmetics, medicines, electronics, or automobile components, there’s an environmentally responsible packaging option to suit your demands.

Enhance your brand’s image

Finally, eco-friendly green box packaging enhances your company’s image. When your customers understand that you employ sustainable materials, they will realize that you are not just concerned about the environment but also a responsible business aiding towards preserving it. As a result, your company’s earnings will increase due to a better brand image, and your ROI will rise.

Flexible And Versatile

Eco-friendly packaging is highly adaptable, and it may be reused and repurposed in nearly every primary industry that deals with packaging. So whatever you want to package, from meats to electrical goods, there will be an environmentally friendly option that will satisfy your demands and save you money.

Allergens and poisons are not present

The majority of eco-friendly biodegradable packaging options are non-toxic and allergy-free. For example, sugarcane pulp packing is safer and healthier for customers and it also provides them more of an incentive to purchase your goods.

Go Green With Green Box Packaging with Atlantic!

Atlantic Packaging is proud of the extensive range of environmentally friendly items it can provide to its clients. We’d want to assist you in making your workplace as green as possible as part of our efforts to help preserve our lovely planet! Our sustainable packaging is reasonably priced and, most importantly, is safe for people and the environment! Contact Atlantic Packaging at 800-268-5620 to do a packaging sustainability assessment and determine where you may reduce your carbon impact. Call us today!