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Why are conscious consumers adopting QR codes?

By March 23, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments
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Why are conscious consumers adopting QR codes?

QR codes aren’t making a comeback or resurgence; they’d never gone away and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, consumers are exploring more than just contactless services, and they’re beginning to understand the value of QR codes in marketing initiatives. QR codes are also becoming increasingly popular to reduce the amount of plastic used in product packaging, better for the environment. 

Sustainability, transparency, and traceability dominate what consumers buy, causing society to seek out sustainable businesses. QR code technology also plays an integral part in the mobility of goods and supply chain transparency. As a result, various companies have begun to experiment with it, with positive results.

If you’re not sure why you should use QR codes in your marketing plan, here are five reasons why people can’t stop scanning them. Transparency is preferred over ambiguity, ecologically friendly goods over harmful brands, and ease over effort.

Don’t you want your clients to come back and refer you because of your loyalty, trust, and simplicity of doing business? With Atlantic Packaging’s simple QR code packaging, you can rapidly use QR codes to raise your green game, make life easier for customers, maintain customer contact, and stay safe and transparent while promoting sustainability. 

Scanning QR Codes is Simple

Anyone with a smartphone may download a free QR code scanning program, and as of late, the phone’s cameras are reading the codes without the need to launch the scanning app. There is no special equipment required in this situation. Scanning is a simple technique that even non-techies can master and it is also suitable for people of all ages.

Scanning QR Codes Are Completely Safe

QR code technology is secure since the physical code cannot be modified. The code’s information sent to the scanner can only be updated in a dynamic QR code. In addition, the data associated with the QR code packaging cannot be modified making QR codes relatively safe.

Scanning QR Codes is Informative And Engaging

When customers scan a QR code printed on sustainable packaging, they are taken to company websites where they can learn more about brands and products. Consumers may also use feedback QR codes to make suggestions, discuss ideas for enhancing a company’s services or goods, and provide star ratings. QR code packaging as a tool for simplicity and convenience promotes client contact.

Furthermore, QR codes for social media make it easy for customers to engage with businesses because they don’t have to hunt for the firm across several social media platforms. People will be more likely to interact if it’s a simple tool on sustainable packaging that they can scan and connect with right away.

QR Code Packaging Allows Customers To Support Firms That Are Eco-friendly And Sustainable

Conscious customers are more concerned about purchasing items from environmentally friendly and sustainable businesses. Atlantic Packaging is helping various businesses attain their sustainability goals through their packaging needs. People want to buy from companies that share their values and support sustainability and we help companies meet this goal. 

Helpful For A Call To Action

QR codes may be quickly connected to product stories, how-to videos, tweets, and landing pages on websites.

Businesses may entice customers by writing a call-to-action text message and embedding the QR code. ‘Email us’ and ‘Call us’ are two examples of calls to action. The beauty of QR codes is that they can be scanned and instantly dialed or sent.

QR code packaging is here to stay since they continue to improve the user experience. Making customers’ life simpler by including QR codes in your packaging plan will increase their trust, comfort, and convenience in choosing your environmentally friendly and transparent option. Your QR code can lead them to your sustainability initiatives and educate them about your strides to make the earth a better place. This will surely help seal a more positive place for your business in your customers’ minds.

Machine Learning and Product Optimization

Our team thoroughly tests packaging requirements for different products and works on product prototypes to design the perfect box for every requirement. As a result, our packaging is flexible and conforms to the product’s needs, whether its weight, shape, or size. In addition, we’re constantly figuring out ways to optimize existing packaging through state-of-the-art technology. With lighter and optimized boxes and packaging, more containers can be accommodated during transit and hence reducing fuel costs. With constant innovation, we aim to incorporate QR codes into our packaging to pass on further benefits to the end-user.

QR Code Packaging For Sustainability

Sustainable packaging is a megatrend driving businesses to use innovative technology like QR codes.

QR code technology is an innovative tech solution that allows you to conserve resources and adopt environmental sustainability activities to help your business become more environmentally friendly!

Visit Atlantic Packaging now for more information, and to start an environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging trend, contact us today at 1800.268.5620 for total packaging solutions from our team.