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Why Every Business Needs To Innovate Their Packaging

By October 4, 2021November 4th, 2021No Comments

Updating your packaging may not be high on your company’s to-do list, but if you wait too long, you could miss out on some significant revenue opportunities. While sales and income are typically influenced by various factors such as consumer price sensitivity, seasonality, product range, and production material costs, your retail packaging can also be a key sales driver! Atlantic Packaging has always believed in the power of retail-ready and innovative packaging and is helping clients in Canada and USA to make a mark in the market with revolutionary packaging ideas. As a business, it is crucial to understand why innovative packaging is the need of the hour. 

Why Every Business Needs To Innovate Their Packaging

Improved Brand Recognition

Customers’ initial physical contact with your brand is through your retail packaging. It allows your brand to communicate with customers before they even see the goods. Consumers aren’t always guided by reasoning, particularly when it comes to low-risk choices (low price or low-risk purchases). This is a great opportunity to tap in by making your packaging distinctive and standing out from the competition. 

Using color, form, package materials, witty phrases, or a thoughtful ‘unboxing experience,’ you may draw attention to your goods while also increasing brand familiarity and loyalty. It is especially vital in today’s congested product market, where consumers have more options than ever before!  Atlantic Packaging can help you bring innovation to your packaging by understanding your product requirements and creating unique packaging solutions customized completely for your brand.

Reduce Your Expenses

Protective packaging can be made to fit odd-shaped objects, which is a terrific approach to boost customer satisfaction while lowering package costs!

While you may need to think outside the box to come up with exciting retail packaging and boost brand recognition, lowering package expenses is easier than you think!

With rising competition in all retail marketplaces, pricing constraints on raw materials, production, and logistics, it is crucial you minimize costs wherever possible.

Although the primary goal of your product packaging is to deliver your products in their original, intended state, this does not necessitate excessive use of protective bubble wrap or tissue paper. Protective fillings are often costly, harmful to the environment, and wasteful. Rethinking the design of your product’s retail packaging can achieve the same result, plus you can use more ecologically friendly materials like recycled corrugated boxes to keep your goods safe while in transportation.

Inappropriate dimensions, poor fit, and shape, or not allowing for the correct product weight, an outdated product package design with extra room might be eating your income. Correctly designed product packaging eliminates wasted space and reduces total weight, saving you money on freight and storage.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Engaging with your consumers and providing them with a valuable and engaging experience can enhance the likelihood of their returning. As a result, several firms are developing reward schemes for customers who reuse their packaging as an incentive to return, recycle, and save money.

Along with incentives, changing your product packaging by advertising your social media accounts and promotional tags allows your company to better understand the consumer base by understanding who is interacting with the packaging and boosting engagement at the same time.

In a digital environment where influencers are increasingly being utilized to advertise or promote items, social media allows you to acquire insight into your target market. It also allows you to establish customer loyalty and expand your reach through aligned alliances or sponsorships in the social sphere.

A survey showed that 40% of consumers will post photos or videos on social media to document a “unique unboxing experience” which makes innovative packaging all the more essential. This requires new-age packaging solutions and innovations from businesses to better connect with customers and improve brand presence on the internet.

How Can Innovative Packaging Influence Consumer Purchasing Behavior?

In order to answer this question, ask yourself:

  • Is the product distinguishable from competitor brands? It is, without a doubt, the most crucial aspect. If consumers don’t notice the product, they won’t be tempted to buy it, even if it is of higher quality or offers a better value.
  • Is the product’s quality reflected in the packaging? Consumers believe that packing quality is a good indicator of product performance. They’ve been conditioned to associate poor packaging design, whether graphical or structural, with a lower-quality product. It has the potential to make a brand-new product appear outdated and dull.
  • Is the packaging effective in fulfilling its purpose, and are customers content with it? Yes, packaging attracts consumers’ attention, improving brand awareness and identification, but there’s more. It must safeguard the product with packaging that can resist repeated moving without structural damage, rubbed-off design, or other issues that detract from its value. The fact that a product arrived defective and had to be returned is a common complaint reflected in internet reviews.

Innovation With Atlantic Packaging

Our in-house designers and packaging engineers can assist with freshening up your present retail packaging or creating a whole new solution to meet your demands as your packaging and manufacturing partner. Contact us at 1-800-268-5620 to schedule a call with our design and sales team to allow us to address your packaging needs with customized answers. We will work closely with you to allow you to meet your packaging goals, gain brand awareness and improve sales with better packaging designs and solutions.